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Sole fish fry

Sole fish is a very tasty and easy to cook variety. Cooking time is hardly 5-6 minutes. Ingredients (all according to your taste) Sole fish- Flour- Salt - Paprika/Kashmiri chilly powder-2tsp Rosemary (dried)-1tsp Oil-1 tbsp(Just enough to shallow fry) Lemon juice-1tbsp Parsley for garnishing. Method Of preparation Clean the fish. Mix the flour with salt and chilly powder in a bowl. Now coat the fish with this flour. Heat a non stick pan/grill and pour in 1 tbsp oil. On a medium heat,add rosemary to the oil,shallow fry the fish coated with the flour. Finally add the lemon juice and serve hot with chips. Garnish with parsley chopped.

Baklava Recipe

Baklava is a Turkish delight easily available in Middle east,especially during the Holy Month of Ramadan. It's a royal dish enjoyed at celebrations in Middle East,especially the Iranian Baklava,the one with Pistachio nuts filling. The word Baklava in Farsi means 'many leaves' and to make it,layers of Phyllo pastry sheets are baked along with mixed nuts filling.It may seem to be a job only can be done by big Chefs,but anyone can make it as I tried it and came out very delicious and easy. Many varieties of Baklava is available,secret of some recipes are also said to be passed down with in traditional family members only. Anyways,I tried this recipe and I got the same taste as the one I found in the stores in Middle east. Please try this,its worth the effort. (This  recipe is adapted from The Chef In You website.Thanks a lot DK...) Ingredients Phyllo pastry sheets- Butter-3/4-1 cup melted For filling Almonds,Pistachio crushed-1/2 cup Breadcrumbs- 2t

Celery Soup

Benefits of Celery include;- Good source of dietary fiber. Low in calorie ;soups/salads with celery can be included in weight loss regimen. Cancer protective  Immune boosting  Good source of Potassium;Potassium helps control heart rate and blood pressure. Excellent source of Vitamin K. Here is a simple soup recipe using celery;its so tasty,I am sure anyone will love it. Ingredients Celery-1 bunch Potato-2 small/1 big no Onion-1/2 no Milk-1 cup Veg / chicken Stock-1 1/2 cups Garlic- 1clove Salt and Pepper Butter/Olive oil-1 tsp Method of Preparation In a sauce pan,melt butter/Olive oil. Saute Garlic,onion and salt.Boil the potatoes . Chop celery and saute it in the butter. Finally add boiled potatoes. Add in stock, milk ,salt and pepper.Simmer for 10 minutes. Blend this mixture into a rich creamy soup. Serve with croutons or ciabetta bread.

Sardine Fry

Sardine Fry If you ask me,Sardines are the most tastiest fish.Here I am going to share a very simple but exotic recipe for fish fry.You can use any fish but best with Sardines.Health Benefits of Sardines include: Good source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids.Thus reduces the risk of Cardiovascular diseases and protects heart.Also Omega-3 fatty acids prevent a type of Cancer.  Good source of Iron. Good source of B vitamins Bones provide Calcium. Small Sardine's are healthier since they don't have much accumulated toxins in it. More than any of these ,Sardines are extremely delicious. So,lets make a crispy fish fry with a special masala mix. Ingredients Sardines-500 g Kashmiri Red Chilly-8-10 nos(you can use normal dry red chilly/Chilli powder also,but Kashmiri chilly gives a  real fire red color  and also less spicy) Shallots -4 no Garlic-2 big cloves Salt-Taste Curry Leaves-4-5 no Method Of Preparation 1.Fry Dry chilly s  and Shallots in oil. 2.Grind

Steak with Pepper corn sauce

Beef Steaks- (I used Australian top cut )-500 g Salt- Pepper- Rosemary-1 tsp Ginger paste-2tsp Onion chopped-1 small Steak Sauce-2 tbsp Method For Preparing Grilled Steak  Marinate steak pieces with the ingredients above.Keep aside refrigerated for 4 hours. Grill it on a grill pan using 1tbsp oil. Pepper corn sauce -Ingredients Cream/milk-1/2 cup Salt- Pepper corns crushed- Dijon Mustard/Yellow Mustard-1 tsp Steak sauce(I used American Garden)-1 tsp Method of preparation In the grill pan,in same oil in which we have grilled the steaks pour in 1/2 cup milk/cream. Stirring well,add enough salt and pepper. Dijon Mustard,1tsp steak sauce and mix well to make a thick sauce. Pour it over the grilled steak. Enjoy with some finger chips .