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Mango Pudding

Today is 15th August 2013.67th Independence day for the countries INDIA & Pakistan. Deepsrecipes wishes all , a very Happy Independence Day 2013: Celebrate this great day with a simple dessert ,CHINA GRASS MANGO PUDDING. Mango Pudding Wishing you all an independent, peaceful & better days ahead. Ingredients: Milk-4 cups China grass (AGAR AGAR)- 1 cup (10 gms) Mango - 2 nos Cream - 2 tbsp Sugar- 1 cup  Vanilla Essence- 1 tsp Biscuit crumbs- 1-2 cups Method Of Preparation Boil Milk .Cut china grass into very small pieces using scissors. Add these pieces into the milk and boil until china grass melts. Stir the boiled milk well so that china grass dissolves completely. Sieve this mix to remove any undissolved china grass. After cooling the milk,add vanilla essence and cream. Blend/whisk this mix well until frothy. Arrange biscuit crumbs as the first layer in the pudding dish. Now arrange mango slices and strawberries(if you like). Now pour