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She was the center of her universe, 
the princess of her kingdom,
 butterfly of her garden,
 star in her sky,
 she fluttered her colorful wings

 And one moment 
she opened her eyes from the dream
she struggled to move forward,
 frantically, to go back to her world
 crossing the cold, darkness that was covering her.

~Deep Krishna


The Lost Seeker:

Have anyone experienced a strange wonder after finishing a creative piece- poem/write up/artwork or even a new dish that came out perfectly well- that it doesn't belong to you, or has been done by someone else? I mean, you feel strange as if we got those ideas/ the creativity from a central source of knowledge.

If there is such a central knowledge source, can we connect to it often? Just like we log in to the internet? Wouldn't it be great if we could?

Sharing my thoughts on this:

To connect to this knowledge source, we should stay much focused, like in meditation.
I feel 'this knowledge source' is like an invisible wave of energy around us to which only a sincere seeker can connect. Or it will be like a pond in which we all maybe living like fishes, unaware of the ocean of knowledge in which we have been immersed -caring only about the perishable illusions such as money, beauty and suchlike!

On thinking further:

A focused mind can achieve this connection with the knowledge source. This doesn't mean that only meditation can open the window to this. Strong desire to achieve something, severe mental/physical pain, accidents/shock and sincere prayers also have the same effect as a meditation on the mortals. 
Isn't it amazing to think  that all of us including those greatest of scholars are getting the data/idea from the same knowledge source? I mean, in that case, nothing is created new, everything  is shared with us by the central source.
May be that is why sometimes two people write the same idea/thought, unknowingly.

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Factors that help us connect to this source (according to me) are: 

  • Real  passion for something; where there is a will, there is a way.

  • The strong, selfless affinity towards something; work/hobby/art can instill self-consciousness & open up the windows of  knowledge.

When knowledge transcendence happens, the seeker raises to a superior intellectual level. Soul consciousness level is the final stage where the seeker and the supreme power come close; this is really difficult to achieve.

If a human tries to liberate from this materialistic, elusive world using any of the methods (meditation or focusing on one's passion or using prayers..) may have to  penetrate the layers around him; raising above all these energy levels to a height where the peaceful state of soul consciousness is prevalent; where there is complete silence and no words required for communication.

Let us take a break from our busy lives to think about ourselves & who we truly are!




Innocence is bliss!


Parenting in a connected world.


    Today, technology is growing exponentially. Smart phones are ruling the world and technology is expected to be embedded everywhere. Parenting is lot more fun today provided you are smart enough to control this new-wave rather than yielding to the spell of it.
        Being mother to an 11 year old boy, I have experienced the good and bad sides of technology. Here is some useful information for those parents who are anxious about this new trend.
       I know that some of those with traditional views may disagree with this new influence of technology in children. But we have left no choice other than finding the best method to take advantage from this.

       1.     Awareness is the key!
               First of all, we, parents must educate ourselves on how to monitor or supervise your children’s activities online. This is simple if you have genuine interest to learn and understand new things rather than shunning away from it.
·         Educate your child about the power of mankind especially his own potential to contribute to this world: I have seen many children growing in a very unconscious manner, blindly following others, copying and comparing themselves with neighbors or classmates. This attitude kills the dynamism in young children. Teach him/her that his life's purpose is much more than any sort of addiction, say gaming addiction. Slowly educate them to find the true purpose of their own life.

   2.     Discipline is as important too!
         Television and sport channels: Children can follow cricket, football or any sport- but never let the sport/hobby get into their head: Children especially boys must enjoy watching world cup or other tournaments but as a parent you must set an example in front of them. Convince them that their potential is equal to Messi’s or Sachin’s and this is their time to work hard and to improve their life in order to reach to their levels. Good marks in exams are very important as schooling is the first step to discipline. I often hear parents say that marks are not important, Bill Gates is a college dropout etc- But dear parents, do you know, Bill Gates was in Harvard and to enter there itself need high level of basic education! So even if your kid is a genius in sports, you must encourage him in getting good marks too as any sportsman needs discipline in the first hand.

        3.       Internet as an educational tool: Today, it is easy to prepare for any exam as all the resources are available at your finger tip. Make use of it.

          4.       Video Games- Any digital game, if used in a controlled manner, is helpful in child’s brain    development and for a fast thinking mind. A study says that video games can enhance the problem solving capabilities in children.

         5.       Good MoviesMovies are windows to outer world through which children learn and improve creatively.

          6.       Easy access to the world of Books- Internet is a great help if your child likes to read- You can buy books online or even download free books.
        7.       Surveillance cameras: Another digital invention for improved connectivity.
   Working moms who might be forced to leave their baby with nannies are finding the surveillance cameras as a boon. Even though they know that their love is all the child needs at this stage, sometimes it might be mandatory that both the parents work.
 Saying all these- there are certain areas where parents must tight the rules.
         1.       Strict time schedule for gadgets: Never let the gadget control your kid’s mind.
        2.       Strict kid safe filtering methods for internet: There are many kidsafe browsers and proxy’s available, educate yourself about it.
       3.       Never forget to set time for Outdoor games: Encourage your child to play outdoor almost every day.

            Never take these technologies as a substitute for your love and care. You must constantly have 
        a rapport with your children. Sit and read with them, watch their shows and movies. Your love must    be  powerful enough to guide and light their paths. 
        Don’t leave them alone in the so called  “sophisticated” world as long as 
         they are too young and too innocent to face it.
           This is an article written for
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My First encounter with the Buddha

Breath taking panorama with the divine presence of Buddha .The giant Tian Tan Buddha statue was covered with mist.
Lantau Island in Hong Kong is a must visit place for a serene and spiritual experience.
This majestic statue symbolizes the stability of Hong Kong, prosperity of China and peace on earth.

Below the Big Buddha statue , there is Po Lin monastery main temple.
Tian Tan Buddha, a giant Buddha statue completed in 1993, is an extension of the monastery.

Vegetarian food is available near the temple. But if you are not a big fan of traditional Cantonese delicacies, it is better to avoid eating out here.

Visiting the temple was an intriguing experience . The main temple houses three bronze statues of the Buddha – representing his past, present and future lives – as well as many Buddhist scriptures.
Nature was at it's best with heavy showers .What more can one ask for?

The place displayed a unique tranquility as the majestic Buddha statue slowly got covered by thick mist . It was one of my life's memorable moments.
At the MTR station ,Hong Kong.


Movie Review Eat Pray Love (2010)

Movie Review

Eat Pray Love (2010)

deepsrecipes movie review Eat Pray Love

"Awareness of the need to change is the beginning of change”.

This apparently is the situation of the center character Liz Gilbert starring Julia Roberts in the movie Eat.Pray.Love. 
The movie is the story of a woman's personal growth, how she finds herself after getting out of the safe cocoon.

 The movie starts with Liz Gilbert and her family leading a fast-paced life as any other New Yorker. One night, as she feels empty inside, she decides to pray to GOD, for the first time in her entire life. She feels like, her life lacks something. At that phase of her life, she decides to quit her somewhat perfect life; prepares to get separated from her husband, and to find the true purpose of her life. 

Bored of her stagnant married life, she even tries extra marital affair. But failed miserably since she was not very good at it and identifies herself that she needed something else; needed to recharge and rejuvenate and to pursue her passion to travel. She realizes that leading a passionless life is dreary and decides to get divorced.

She goes to Italy, where she finds food as an addictive. Good food and learning Italian language become her routine there. But it is from Italy, that, for the first time, she learns to enjoy her solitude, doing nothing or not worrying about anything. 

So this movie is all about Liz Gilbert’s travel and life to find her inner self. Looking into the story, in a more spiritual way, we see that even her boyfriend had a vital role in solving her life’s quest, as he was the one who introduced her with his Guru, an Indian Yogini, the reason she later travels to India.
But after her experience with meditation and Ashram life in India she understands
"GOD DWELLS WITHIN YOU AS YOU". So she decides to go back to her routine life, more content this time.
From India, finally, she heads off to Bali, Indonesia, where she finds her true love and the movie ends on a happy note. 

Overall, the movie 'Eat.Pray.Love' gives a touch of mysticism and it is a bold story of a woman who has decided to live her life in her own terms, guiltlessly. The fact that this is the memoir of Elizabeth Gilbert's travel around the world makes it believable to the sceptic, who may otherwise feel how only good things happen to the protagonist.

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