Oats Balls

Oats Balls are delicious and diabetic friendly.Oat meal contains good amount of dietary fiber .They say that a bowl of oats in the morning lower cholesterol.So here is an anytime snack with oatmeal. Diabetic patients should use minimum (less than 1/4 cup)Jaggery. Jaggery is a substitute for sugar but only taken occasionally.

Oatmeal-2 cups
Jaggery-grated -1/2 cup
Coconut-1/4 cup
Cardamom powder-1 tsp
Method of Preparation
In a pan,.fry oat meal until crispy.Add in coconut,jaggery and cardamom powder.
Mix well.Let the jaggery melt a bit.Now when its still warm,make balls .
Delicious Oat meal Balls can be eaten as breakfast or tea time snack.


Kerala-God's Own Country

Here are some of the scenic ecstasies of God's own country Kerala.
Please wait for one more Diabetic friendly snack ~ Oats Balls~in my next post.

Nature is the Paradise that provides us everything we need.It is our duty to take care of it.
Love the Mother Nature,Never hurt her for our selfishness.

Pepper Plant-One of the spices of Kerala
Hope you all enjoyed this post.Will catch you soon with a new recipe.
Till then Live Healthy ,Love  Nature!!!!


Lasagna recipe

easy lasagna Italian cuisine on deepsrecipes
There are zillions of methods and varieties of Lasagna.This is a simple basic method to make a superbly delicious lasagna with only Mozzarella cheese. Traditional Italian lasagna recipe uses another layer of cheese with ricotta and Parmesan.But I have replaced that layer too with Mozzarella cheese to cut off the calories.This was an experiment for me,but got the same taste as from the restaurants.
So here are the INGREDIENTS we need:-
Lasagna sheets-
Ground/minced beef-
Tomato puree-of 4-5 tomatoes
Garlic-2 cloves chopped
Onion-1 big chopped
Salt and Pepper
Quantities are according to the size of your baking dish.
Method of preparation
This is the basic recipe with minced beef.You can replace beef with vegetables of your choice.
Step1First make a meat sauce.
Take a pan,add some olive oil.Saute onion and garlic.
Add  minced beef,salt ,pepper and oregano.
Saute well and after 3-4 minutes,add in tomato puree ,mix well .
Close the pan with a lid and cook until done.
Meat sauce for lasagna is ready!
Same sauce can be used to make Spaghetti Bolognese.
Now the Step2
(You can buy these lasagna pasta sheets,we don't have to cook it before layering.But take care to keep the meat stock enough to drench the pasta to help it cook well.)
Take an oven proof dish.First make a layer of meat sauce.
Now the lasagna sheets layer.Then Mozzarella.Again repeat the layers .Finally give a thick layer of Mozzarella.Finally pour the stock over the whole mixture,this is for drenching the lasagna sheets well .This will help the pasta cook fast and easy.
Bake in preheated oven for 40 minutes at 200 degree.

Serve hot after cutting into squares.
This Lasagna uses the same bolognese (meat sauce) sauce as in Spaghetti bolognese recipe posted earlier.


Fruit Salad with Yogurt and flax meal dressing~Diabetic Friendly.

Wishing All My Readers A Very Happy and Colorful ' HOLI '!!

Today,8th March is the first Anniversary of this blog ~ Deepsrecipes. 
My heart felt acknowledgment of appreciation to each and every one of you,who takes time to read and try out my recipes.
Today,I assure you that deepsrecipes will try to ameliorate in future.
This is a sequel to my previous post-if you haven't read it yet,take a peek here.
As I said earlier,there are dual reasons to fete today.So,here is a dessert recipe (Diabetic friendly). I have tried to include multiple food groups into this tasty no-sugar sweet,so that you can enjoy the luscious taste of a dessert ,still adhering to your diabetic diet.
This contains flax seed,which is good source of Omega3 fatty acids .

1.Plain Low fat Yogurt-1/2 cup(If needed,make it thin by adding some water)
2.Honey or Maple syrup-to taste
Apple-2 no(Cut into small pieces)(Use mixed fruits instead of just apple)
(Fruits are natural sugars,but contains micro nutrients essential for you.So those with high blood sugar level, consume fruits in small portions)
3.Whole Flax seeds-1 tbsp(Grind it before adding to the salad.If you are using flax meal,its already powdered so add 2 tbsp)
4.Vanilla essence-1tsp
5.Unsweetened chocolate sauce-
6.Crushed Almonds-1tbsp
Method of Preparation
Beat the yogurt well with all the ingredients other than fruits.Pour the dressing over the apple or mixed fruits.
If you like chocolate,you can top the dessert with unsweetened chocolate sauce and almonds.
3-4 minutes after mixing this fruit salad,flax seeds gets soggy and dessert turns to creamy and divine,you all must try this to get the real taste!!



Diabetes~Some Basic Information.

Diabetes is not a pleasant condition. But if you are one with a high blood sugar level, don’t get disheartened.
This is not the end of the world. If you give a little forethought before planning the diet,also change the cooking methods,then you can definitely control Diabetics.
Today,let us hash out  a thoughtful meal planning  for Diabetes-
Diet plans for diabetic patients.
1.       Reduce the intake of Protein, carbohydrate and Fat. These three food groups are not good for diabetic patients. This doesn’t mean that you ought to eat only boring food; instead follow a healthy and interesting diet plan. Deepsrecipes is trying to share some diabetic friendly recipes .I will continue sharing, if I am getting positive reviews.
2.       Limit the intake of milk and milk products.
3.       Include high fiber diet; like whole meal bread/flax seeds/Broccoli etc.
4.       What you can have in plenty is vegetables. So include raw salad vegetables as a snack even.
5.       Fruit intake should be limited and according to dietitians menu plan; since fruits are natural sources of sugar.
6.       Consume small meals throughout the day; avoid the normal 3 big meals in a day system.
7.       Diabetic cooking methods are very effective. This includes baking, steaming, poaching and stir frying.
8.       Use olive oil for stir frying and reduce the salt and fat contents.
9.       Use Avocado paste instead of mayonnaise.
10.   Eat fish (contains Omega 3 fatty acids) twice a week.
11.   Avoid Coffee; substitute with Green Tea.
112.   Drink plenty of water.

Keeping these points in mind let’s make a diabetes friendly dessert item to celebrate the Indian festival Holi and our blog’s first anniversary.
 Please read the next post about a diabetic friendly dessert for our blog Anniversary.
Till then,EAT HEALTHY...!!!


Frozen Yogurt

homemade frozen yogurt

Today's recipe ,I am sure,will be a favorite to many.Very popular Frozen Yogurt.

We have Pink berry stores here in Middle east.We can bring the Pink berry flavors to our home kitchen.
Frozen yogurt manufacturers claim that this is a diet food compared to high fat ice cream.This is a topic of debate ,but when we make it at home we can stick to our diet by adding low fat yogurt and less sugar  .
Let me tell you this yogurt have that tart taste.I want to share 3 flavors -Rose Frozen yogurt is a unique one only in deepsrecipes-and trust me its Royal and delicious since it brings a Mughlai flavor.
But plain(vanilla) is the winner of all hearts.
Very easy to make ,but a bit patience is required if you want a very smooth, fluffy yogurt.This is because we are not using Ice cream maker for this.But still results are awesome and satisfactory.
Strongly recommend that you give it a try.I am so excited to share this simple recipe with you all,and would like to read your valuable comments.
Vanilla  Frozen Yogurt-in a fruit bowl

Special ROSE Frozen yogurt-(No where else-only on Deepsrecipes)

Vanilla with chocolate syrup on top
 So here is the ingredients
Thick yogurt(Hung curd)-3 cups
Vanilla essence-1-2 tsp
Sugar(Powdered)-1-11/2 cup
Method of preparation
Beat yogurt with powdered sugar and vanilla essence.
(Add blue berry crushed to the yogurt or any other fruit or flavor you wish.I added rose syrup to get this fragrant creamy rose frozen yogurt)
Freeze in a plastic tin with a lid for an hour.
After an hour,take the half set yogurt ,beat again in a blender (this step is to  remove the crystals and to make it silky smooth)and keep in the freezer for 2 hours or until it sets to ice cream texture.
(Check every 1 hour for the right texture and if necessary,you might blend this for a couple of times more .)


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