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Special Dates Milkshake

Here is the secret to a creamy, silky yet healthy Milkshake! Dates, known to be the most ancient fruit, are jam-packed with iron and loaded with fiber.  They are considered to be natural weight-loss food.  Dates Milkshake is an Arabic recipe. Now, the good news for kids is that, in this recipe, I have added 1 tbsp Nutella . So, you can imagine how divine a milkshake it has turned out to be! All of you must try this. Ingredients for a healthy, kids favorite breakfast item: Milk -2 cups Dates- 8 nos chopped Nutella- 1 tbsp (Optional) Almonds- Ice cubes- 4-5 (Optional) Preparation: Blend all ingredients with milk until smooth. Serve Chilled Topped with almonds.