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The Lost Seeker:

Have anyone experienced a strange wonder after finishing a creative piece- poem/write up/artwork or even a new dish that came out perfectly well- that it doesn't belong to you, or has been done by someone else? An experience as if we got those ideas/ the creativity from a central source of knowledge.

If there is such a central knowledge source, can we connect to it often? Just like we log in to the internet? Wouldn't it be great if we could?

Sharing my thoughts on this:
To connect to this knowledge source, we should stay much focused, like in meditation. I feel 'this knowledge source' is like an invisible wave of energy around us to which only a sincere seeker can connect. Or it will be like a pond in which we all may be living like fishes, unaware of the ocean of knowledge in which we have been immersed in---caring only about the perishable illusions such as money, beauty and suchlike!
On thinking further:

A really focused mind (as when in meditation) is needed to get th…