The Lost Seeker:

Have anyone experienced a strange wonder after finishing a creative piece- poem/write up/artwork or even a new dish that came out perfectly well- that it doesn't belong to you, or has been done by someone else? An experience as if we got those ideas/ the creativity from a central source of knowledge.

If there is such a central knowledge source, can we connect to it often? Just like we log in to the internet? Wouldn't it be great if we could?

Sharing my thoughts on this:

To connect to this knowledge source, we should stay much focused, like in meditation.
I feel 'this knowledge source' is like an invisible wave of energy around us to which only a sincere seeker can connect. Or it will be like a pond in which we all may be living like fishes, unaware of the ocean of knowledge in which we have been immersed in---caring only about the perishable illusions such as money, beauty and suchlike!

On thinking further:

A really focused mind (as when in meditation) is needed to get this connection with the knowledge wave. This doesn't mean that only meditation can open the window to this. Strong desire to achieve something, strong mental/physical pain, accidents/shock and sincere prayers also have the same effect as the meditation on the mortals. 
Isn't it amazing if all of us including those greatest scholars are getting the data/idea from the same knowledge source?? I mean nothing is created newly, everything  is shared to us by the central source.
May be that is why sometimes two people write the same idea/thought, unknowingly.

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Factors that help us connect to this source (according to me) are: 

  • Real  passion for something; where there is a will, there is a way.

  • The strong, selfless affinity towards something; work/hobby/art can instill the self-consciousness & open up the windows of the knowledge.

When knowledge transcendence happens, the seeker raises to a superior intellectual level. Soul consciousness level is the final stage where the seeker and the supreme power comes close; this is really difficult to achieve.

If a human tries to liberate from this materialistic, illusive world using any of the methods (meditation or focusing on one's passion or using prayers..) may have to  penetrate the layers around him; raising above all these energy levels to a height where the peaceful state of soul consciousness is prevalent; where there is complete silence and no words required for communication.

Let us take a break from our busy life to think about ourselves & who we truly are!




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