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Chicken Dry fry

This recipe is an easy Chicken dry fry with only 2 tsp oil. Ingredients Chicken -500 g Ginger-garlic paste-2tsp Red chilly powder-3tsp Coriander powder-1tsp Pepper Powder-1 tsp Coriander leaves- Soy sauce- 1 tbsp Tomato sauce- 1-2 tsp Cinnamon and Clove powder- 1 tsp Salt - to taste Method Of Preparation Marinate chicken with all the ingredients. In a pan add 2 tsp oil.Add chicken and cook until done.No need to add any water. Once all the water that has come from the chicken is absorbed and the chicken is done,add coriander leaves and more pepper powder according to your taste. Serve with fried rice or any kind of bread.

Prawns Roast in Pomegranate sauce

This recipe includes pomegranate juice as a savoring agent; the reason why the prawn roast has a special red color. Very delicious and with health benefits. Ingredients Shrimp/prawns- 1/2 kg Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp Ginger-garlic paste-1 tsp Salt- Coriander powder-1 tbsp Pepper powder-1 tsp Red Chilly powder-3 tsp Onion-1 small chopped Pomegranate Juice- 1/2  tbsp Heavy Cream (Optional) Method of preparation Marinate prawns/shrimp with the powdered ingredients. Heat 1-2 tsp oil in a pan. Saute ginger-garlic paste and chopped onion. Now mix in the marinated prawns and cook it for 1 minute. Pour in 1/2 cup of pomegranate juice into it, at this stage and saute well until the juice dries and we get tangy, spicy well-cooked prawns. (Sprinkle more salt at this stage if required) The total cooking time of the prawns must not exceed more than 5 minutes.  (Overcooking will make it rubbery.) Pomegranate juice provides a slight rustic sourness to the dish. Very yum,do no

Caramel custard

 Today's recipe is the well known,simple caramel custard.Only difference is that I have added crushed walnuts to give a twist.U se cream instead of milk in this same recipe, then you will get the traditional  Creme Brulee . Ingredients 2 tbsp sugar 2 eggs 1 tsp Vanilla essence 1 1/2 cup milk For the Caramel syrup Heat a pan .Add 2 tbsp Brown Sugar (or normal sugar is perfectly fine) and 2tsp water (we have to just wet the sugar with water). Sugar melts and starts bubbling; finally it turns to dark color. Pour this caramel into a pudding dish; I added some crushed walnuts into this caramel for a change. Custard Preparation Beat 2 eggs +2 tbsp sugar+1 tsp vanilla+1 1/2cups milk. Strain it to avoid any lumps. Pour this custard into the pudding dish in which we have already added caramel.Cover the pudding dish with aluminium foil. We have to double boil this custard now. For double boiling the custard, take a big pan with lid. Boil water in this big p