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Eggplant curry(Tamil style)

Another eggplant curry for Chapati/rice. Eggplant curry is a delicious side dish for chapati/Roti. I used this Madras curry powder (1 tbsp) to get the real t amil restaurant flavor. Indian  cuisine uses a plethora of spices.Let us check out the ingredients for this quick curry. Use Eggs if you don't like eggplant;yes,you can prepare a mouth watering egg curry using the same recipe. What do we need ? Eggplant- 4-5 nos (I used whole eggplant;make 2 slits with out breaking the eggplant as in the picture.This helps it to absorb the gravy ) Oil- 1-2 tsp Cumin seeds- 1 tsp Chilly powder- 2-3 tsp (Mother's recipe)Madras Curry Powder- 2 tsp(use a mixture of  Fenugreek powder+Asafoetida,coriander powder if you can't find this ready made.) Turmeric powder- 1/2 tsp Tamarind puree-1tbsp                                                         Salt- For The Paste Tomatoes-2 nos Coriander leaves- Green Chilly- 1 or 2 nos Garlic cloves-4 nos Blend th

Chinese Stuffed Bell Peppers

Today,at this happy occasion, sharing a Party recipe . Stuffed Bell Peppers,Chinese version.We have many varieties of Stuffed Bell Peppers from different cuisines around the world.We have Spanish,Indian,Italian,Arabic,Mediterranean,Mexican,American and many more varieties with ingredients from their particular cuisine. Let's go for the Chinese version.I am using potato and white rice as the filling,but traditionally,they use ground pork for this.So,all those vegetarians out there,this recipe is for you and of course,others can replace with pork/beef. As always,I am not sticking to traditional recipe. I can guarantee the taste,Chinese flavor of the dish and also that this is cooked healthy. Ingredients we need Bell peppers-Use more than one color (4 nos) Cooked white rice-1 cup Cooked &Mashed Potato- 1 cup Soy Sauce-2 tsp Oyster sauce- 1 tbsp Salt & Pepper- to taste Oil- 1 tbsp Method Of Preparation Step1 Cut bell pepper  and remove seeds.Steam

Food Blog From The Emirates

Here is a video to get a quick idea about the type of recipes and other details on deepsrecipes- Hope you all liked the video. The year  2014 finally is here.One always wonder how fast the time flies ! But actually,if we dwell in these thoughts about time ,age etc, the end result will be misery. I think,the very thought that there is no such thing as time is so big a tension reliever to many,in this present situation.If we start a New Year or a day with such easiness,we can be more clear about our goals and destinations. Here is a picture for you all of the WORLD'S TALLEST MAN MADE STRUCTURE (2,722 ft); a picture captured through my lens.  Burj Khalifa What does this huge structure tell you? We are such small creatures but the power inside us,is capable to create such monstrous structures!!! When we start finding meaning in everything that happens to us,or every one/thing we see,we can introspect and understand our own mind. Please watch the video and g