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Mustard Fish

Mustard fish fry is just another recipe which came out well when tried unintentionally.That is when I felt to share this recipe with you all.Simple ,yet it has got an appealing taste different from usual fried fish varieties. Ingredients Needed Yellow Mustard paste-1 tsp Fish -Of your choice. Onion- 1 small Turmeric powder- a  pinch Salt- Green Chilly paste- Oil- 1 -2 tsp (for shallow frying) How to prepare Mustard Fish Fry? Make a paste with onion,salt,turmeric,green chilly and yellow mustard . Marinate the fish and keep aside for 15 minutes.Shallow fry in vegetable oil. This easy mustard fried fish recipe is very healthy as we are using very little oil. ENJOY...!

Gujiya Recipe

Wishing all Indians a very Happy Holi... I really like Indian sweet Gujiya.This sweet is a must delicacy on Holi day.So why not we try this gujiya today? As always,this is an easy version of the traditional recipe.One thing that is guaranteed is the taste.We are using coconut ,Kalonji and dry fruits as the filling. Ingredients For the filling  Cashew nuts Raisins Almonds Dry Apricots Kalonji/Black seeds(Nigella sativa) Coconut dry/fresh -grated finely Cardamom Powder- /2 tsp Powdered sugar- 4 tbsp Mix all ingredients as shown in the picture below. Filling itself is so tasty and so try not to devour it off before we actually proceed with Gujiya recipe.!! For the outer layer All purpose flour- 1/4 cup Wheat flour- 1/4 cup Ghee- 1tsp Salt- a pinch Yogurt- 2 tbsp Mix all ingredients and make a dough as we make for Chapati/Poori. How to prepare Gujiya?? First make a small poori and spoon some filling to the center ,As in the figure below. Now fold