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Vegetarian Cacciatore Recipe

Vegetarian Cacciatore Cacciatore is a classic Italian Sauce..(  basic recipe Courtesy :   Laura Vitale. ) Ingredients Bell pepper : (Yellow) -1 no Onion -1 big cut into cubes Egg Plant- Cubes 1 cup Garlic- 4 cloves Red Wine/veg.stock - 2 tbsp Italian Tomato pureed- 1 cup (I used   Sacla Italia  ) I f it is not available,just puree 2 big red tomatoes. Fresh Basil- Salt & Pepper- Olive Oil How To prepare this tangy nutritious sauce? Heat a sauce pan and add 2 tbsp Olive oil and lightly fry eggplant pieces and onion slices. You can add some salt and basil at this stage. Once it is half cooked add garlic and bell pepper cubes. Once everything is browned add red wine,if you are using.Or else you can add the tomato puree. Mix well and allow to cook with out lid.Add salt and pepper as required.When the sauce is thickened ,it is ready.GArnish with chopped basil. Boil water with salt and cook your favorite pasta/spaghetti. Serve veg Cacciatore with spaghetti