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Flax seed Idly

Flax seed or Linseed is of two varieties; Brown and yellow. Both have equal nutritional values. Flax seed is tiny; but it contains highest amounts of fibre, vitamins, minerals, and Omega3 fatty acids. Low in carbohydrates, it is said that flax seed even reduces or stabilizes blood sugar levels for a long period. It’s always better to consume flax seed in small quantities. This will benefit you in lowering cholesterol. Storing flax seed is another important aspect.  It is said that,its better to store flax seed in the refrigerator or freezer. Another amazing use of flax seed is that we can use this as egg substitute while baking. So sprinkle  flax seed to your salads, cheese, cakes, pan cakes, shakes or to almost anything, to make it a complete diet. Today’s recipe is flax seed Idlis.Flax seed has got no special taste, so it’s the best thing to add to our idly batter to get fluffy, nutritious idlis. Enjoy it with your favorite side dish. Whole Flax seed is

Sandesh (Bengali Sweet Recipe)

Happy Republic  Day To   All Indians!! " We are Indians, firstly and lastly -Dr.B. R. Ambedkar ." With this thought in mind,let me start today's post. I am sharing this recipe with my friends around the world especially those who love India and Indian culture. Sandesh Sandesh is a very famous Bengali sweet made from Cottage cheese.Very delicious , quick to make too. Ingredients Milk - 1 liter Powdered Sugar- 1 cup Cardamom powder Lemon Juice-of a big lemon Saffron-a pinch Method of preparation Making Paneer or Cottage cheese. Boil milk in a thick bottom sauce pan,when it starts boiling add the juice of a lemon.Now the milk cuddles.Let it boil for 2  more minutes until all the cottage cheese separates. Now sieve this in a muslin cloth,press gently to remove all the whey and keep this aside for half an hour to remove any water from the cottage cheese. If you have ready made Cottage cheese,you can avoid the above process. 1.Kne

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken with Jeera(Cumin flavored) Rice. Butter chicken is one of the most popular dish from India. Silky,creamy gravy with boneless chicken pieces.What else you can ask for!This sinful curry has always been one of the kid's favorites. You can get thousand's of recipes for butter chicken on the internet with slight variations.But this recipe of mine is really simple ,developed by sheer experimenting.I can guarantee that the taste is just the same as the one you get from restaurants. So here we go.. Ingredients Boneless chicken -500g Butter-25g Onion -2 medium sized Green Chili -2 nos Ginger Garlic paste-2 tsp Cardamom powder-1tsp sugar-1tsp Tomato puree-1 cup Yogurt-1tbsp Red food color-(Optional )-2 drops Dry Fenugreek leaves-a pinch Cream-2 tbsp Red chili powder-1 -2 tsp Coriander powder-1 tsp Fresh Cilantro- bountiful Cumin powder-1 tsp Method of preparation Step1 Marinate boneless chicken with a pinch of chili pow

Bell Pepper Dip

Bell Pepper Dip Nutritious yellow bell pepper dip and nachos..Excellent appetizer right? Easy party item especially for  kids party. You can serve this dip with baguette slices,so that this can be given as a snack in their tiff-in box even.So I hope those who are looking for kids recipes would be happy with this. For those who are really on diet can go for baked nachos  available now a days. Would you like to read the nutrition details of bell pepper?You can read it here - Egg curry in bell pepper sauce Ingredients  Bell Pepper-Red/Yellow Mayonnaise/cream cheese- Salt- Garlic-1 clove Dry Oregano-1 tsp Onion-1/2 no Paprika -2tsp Lime juice-2tsp (I am not mentioning the quantity of ingredients because in this recipe,leaving it to your taste) Method of preparation So easy to prepare. Grill the bell pepper on direct flame or in microwave until blacked on all sides. Once its roasted,remove its skin.Now grind all ingredients to a sauce. Excellent creamy delicious

Veg Pizza recipe

This is a simple version of Vegetable pizza,you can try at home. I have made it as thin crest with a bit of Arabian Flavor .An interesting Arabian version of Pizza is  available in the Pizza-Hut  here in Middle east,an amazing twist to the traditional Italian Pizza. Most of  my recipes are my experiments with a basic recipe which we try from restaurants. Anyways,here are the Ingredients For the Pizza dough 1.All purpose flour-2 cups 2.Dry yeast -5g 3.sugar -2tsp salt-to taste Add 2 tbsp warm water to the yeast and 2 tsp sugar.Keep aside for 5 minutes. Make a smooth dough with flour,yeast and salt by adding water carefully. Keep aside for 30 minutes. Now after 30 minutes beat the dough with the back of your hand .Make big balls out of this and keep aside for 10 more minutes.Now these balls will become double in size. Ingredients for the Topping. Olive oil- Pizza sauce- Veggies-Onion,Bell peppers,corn etc. Mozzarella Cheese-Shredded Salt- Dry Oregan

Carrot Halwa (Delicious Indian Dessert)

Carrot Halwa.An Indian, healthy and delicious dessert. There are many methods available, this recipe is my version and I found it so quick and easy. Ingredients Carrots-4nos Milk-1/4 cup Sugar-1/2Cup (and 1tbsp if needed.) Double cream-1/4 cup (2tbsp is enough for those who are extra health conscious) Cardamom-1tsp Ghee-2tsp Nuts-Almonds,Cashews or Walnuts Method of preparation Grate the carrot. Take a pan and add 1tsp Ghee, sauté the grated carrot in the ghee for 2 minutes, now add 1/2 cup milk and cook the carrot well. Now add 1/4 cup sugar and cardamom. Sauté well for 3-4 minutes. Now add the cream and stir well until dry. Finally add the rest of (1 tsp) ghee. If you want add the rest of the sugar. And make it dry; turn off when it's light brown. Decorate with nuts. (Refer the picture above, for the right texture) Serve it hot or cold with or with out Ice cream . You can also serve this with Poori an Indian fried bread.