Carrot Halwa (Delicious Indian Dessert)

Dessert with carrot,Indian dessert

Carrot Halwa.An Indian, healthy and delicious dessert.
There are many methods available, this recipe is my version and I found it so quick and easy.
Milk-1/4 cup
Sugar-1/2Cup (and 1tbsp if needed.)
Double cream-1/4 cup (2tbsp is enough for those who are extra health conscious)
Nuts-Almonds,Cashews or Walnuts
Method of preparation
Grate the carrot.
Take a pan and add 1tsp Ghee, sauté the grated carrot in the ghee for 2 minutes, now add 1/2 cup milk and cook the carrot well.
Now add 1/4 cup sugar and cardamom.
Sauté well for 3-4 minutes.
Now add the cream and stir well until dry. Finally add the rest of (1 tsp) ghee.
If you want add the rest of the sugar. And make it dry; turn off when it's light brown.
Decorate with nuts.
(Refer the picture above, for the right texture)
Serve it hot or cold with or with out Ice cream .
You can also serve this with Poori an Indian fried bread.



Carrot halwa looks delicious and yummy..

Yum ...can never say no to this ....looks so tempting

I Love Halwa this looks wonderful!

Looks delicious and yumm...tempting dessert.

Gr8 way to start new year..wat a color Deepa,looks perfect

happy newyear to u too..carrot halwa is one of my fav..yummy.

Delicious halwa!!
happy New Year!!
Erivum Puliyum

Thanks my dear Friends...!!!!!

irresistable dessert...love ur version.
Am ready to empty the whole cup with my fav vanila icecream..:P
Tasty Appetite

I made it too today and am so hooked on to it...among my favourites..nice one

Hey...thnx for your lovely comment on my blog...Carrot halwa looks delicious...Happy to join you...Keep visiting me too...

Hi Neha,
Thanks for visiting my blog and linking your recipes..:)
I am already following your blog and I love it..:))
Be rocking girl..

mmm...soo colourful & tasty !! Carrot halwa is one of my favourite among halwas...This is so inviting Deep !!

Thanks for visiting my space..I am glad to have found yours,and that too a foodie friend from Dubai :) I am in Dubai too.

Will be hooked to your space to know more about you..have a wonderful year ahead.

Carrot halwa looks superb...yummm...

delicious looking halwa looks wonderful

Hi, you have a very interesting blog. Love the color of your halwa. Looks delicious. ts my first time here. Following you. DO check out my space and follow me if you like it.

Hi, Announcing Valentines Special - my 1st blog event along with a give away. Please do be a part of it and send in your recipes, making this event a success.

Gajar ka halwa has to be one of my favorite Indian desserts and this recipe looks yummy!!!

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