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Movie Review Eat Pray Love (2010)

Movie Review Eat Pray Love (2010) "Awareness of the need to change is the beginning of change”. This apparently is the situation of the center character  Liz Gilbert  starring  Julia Roberts  in the movie  Eat.Pray.Love.  The movie is the story of a woman's personal growth, how she finds herself after getting out of the safe cocoon.  The movie starts with Liz Gilbert and her family leading a fast-paced life as any other  New Yorker . One night, as she feels empty inside, she decides to pray to GOD, for the first time in her entire life. She feels like, her life lacks something. At that phase of her life, she decides to quit her somewhat perfect life; prepares to get separated from her husband, and to find the true purpose of her life.  Bored of her stagnant married life, she even tries extra marital affair. But failed miserably since she was not very good at it and identifies herself that she needed something else; needed to recharg