Movie Review Eat Pray Love (2010)

Movie Review

Eat Pray Love (2010)

deepsrecipes movie review Eat Pray Love

 I always felt out of place with the world around me. I seek something always. I am restless, because I feel I cannot waste my time. I am here to do something, and that “something” needs preparation; even though I have no idea what that “something” is! Thus I started learning new things, each day. Started writing down my thoughts. It was difficult for me in the beginning, as I started this exercise lately in my life. I started enjoying solitude, that I always did though,but now  more effectively. At the end of the day, I ask myself, what new knowledge I've earned today. I became a more positive person .I deliberately overlooked the negativity around me; 

Before, as any girl "of our generation",I too was frivolous. But I always had many scattered thoughts and imaginations.I didn't simply realize that I needed to organize my thoughts.
But now ,difference is that, my mind has opened;towards, my soul and eternity, may be?
So,as someone rightly said, I too hope in this..
"awareness of the need to change is the beginning of change" .

This apparently is the situation of the center character Liz Gilbert starring Julia Roberts in the movie “Eat Pray Love”;Story by Elizabeth Gilbert.

 She and her family are typical New Yorkers. One night, as she feels empty inside,she decides to pray to GOD,for the first time in her entire life.She feels like,her life lacks something.At that phase of her life,she  decides to quit her somewhat perfect life; wishes to get separated from her husband, even without any attempt to mend their relation. Personally speaking ,this is something that I cannot agree with .If you cannot deal with another person, that means it is time to look into yourself and correct yourself first and then try to give other person a chance to contemplate with the problem.

Anyways, bored of her stagnant married life, she even tries extra marital affair. But failed miserably since she was not very good at it and identifies herself that she needed something else. Needed to recharge and rejuvenate. She realizes that when our mind is discharged, we are unable to lead a happy life with almost any one. My take on this is; you cannot search and run for love; it just happens. She deliberately trying for it is devastating for her as a woman.

After divorce,she goes to Italy, where she finds food as an addictive .Good food and learning Italian language become her routine there. But it is from Italy, that, for the first time, she learns to enjoy her solitude, doing nothing or not worrying about anything. Many of us forget this simple thing. When we get a Pizza, we will not enjoy it, affected by guilt of gaining weight.
This is the first lesson I found interesting in the movie, to start with. Once you master this art of finding pleasure in every minute thing, only then you can control your thoughts and feelings.

So this movie is all about Liz Gilbert’s travel and life to find her inner self. Looking into the story, in a more spiritual way, I feel that even her boy friend had a vital role in solving her life’s quest, as he was the one who introduced her with his Guru, an Indian Yogini,the reason she later travels to India.
But after her experience with meditation and Ashram life in India she understands
"GOD DWELLS WITHIN YOU AS YOU". So she decides to go back to her routine life,content this time.
So the interesting part of the movie, for me is that,we get to see many  Alchemists helping to find her way through her search to find herself - this is our own experience in real life:once you set off searching yourself .

from India,finally ,she heads off to Bali,Indonesia,where she finds her love and the movie ends on a happy note. 

So, overall, this movie,being a Memoir of Elizebeth Gilberts  travel around the world, is a lesson to girls of all ages. I believe that female mind at any age has certain basic tendencies; Our thought process change at different ages as we grow up; women are powerful, but that power needs to be triggered from childhood into right direction. She needs guidance to look with in her; to find her true purpose of life by herself,instead of  following someone else's life.More than anything else,girls must be taught to lead a balanced life .

Okay…these were my thoughts and soliloquy …so,now the interesting part…Whats that? Yeah,obviously,one recipe..

A simple starter item.

Italian Cracker with Topping

Easy Starter recipe;Italian Cracker with Topping

  Ingredients To Prepare Cracker topping

Any Italian Cracker-
Cream cheese spread
Mixed vegetables- cut into small chunks (I used cucumber and Bell peppers)
Strawberry /raspberry
Sugar- 1 tsp
Salt- a pinch

How To Prepare this easy starter ?  

 Whisk cream cheese with 1 tsp sugar and a pinch of salt.Mix in veggies and keep refrigerated.
Only at the time of serving, spread it on Crackers and arrange one piece of Strawberry /Raspberry on top.
I use Italian crackers as they are really thin and crisp .

Buon Appetito !

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