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This recipe gave me the real authentic taste of arabic Hummus.Serve this along with Khubbus or any flat bread for a very healthy protein rich breakfast. Hummus is a healthy Middle eastern dip or spread made from cooked Chick peas(Garbanzo beans),Tahini,Garlic& Lime. Though its very common in Middle east,I am trying to share the recipe with the people around other parts of the Globe. As an appetizer and dip, hummus is scooped with  f lat bread  (such as pita ). Ingredients 1. Garbanzo Beans or Chickpeas - 100g soaked all night (Easily available as canned,but please avoid using canned Garbanzo beans) 2. Tahini  paste - 4tbsp (Tahini is white sesame seeds available as canned paste.Instead,you can soak white sesame seeds over night and grind it to a paste along with olive oil) 3.Garlic paste- 2 tbsp 4.Lime juice - 2tsp 5.Salt   - to taste 6.Olive oil - 4 tbsp 7.(Cherry tomatoes , Olives for garnishing ) Method Of Preparation Boil the chick peas adding salt and wate

Spiced Finger Chips with Garlic Mayo

Another easy recipe from deepsrecipes- But not a low fat recipe,this time.But this is a grilled version of the french fries,so,there is an excuse. Break all the rules and binge. This is extremely tasty,starter item.French fries are anybody's  favorite, especially kids. Ingredients Potato-2 nos Chilly powder(Paprika )-1 tbsp or more according to your taste. Salt-to taste Plain flour-1 tbsp Garlic powder-1 tsp Oil-1 tbsp Method of preparation 1.Cut the potatoes into  longitudinal strips.Boil water with salt and cook the potato strips for 3-4 minutes. Remove from water and pat dry. 2.Mix all the dry ingredients with this potatoes and grill in 1 tbsp oil. 3.Serve hot with Garlic Mayo. *Garlic mayo can be prepared by adding garlic powder into mayonnaise. *You can use  frozen french fries to cheat the first step in this recipe. BUON APPETITO!

Happy Diwali To All Indians

"Wish you all a very happy and safe Diwali....  May the spirit of Diwali prevail in your life...always ." Diwali special recipes   1.Basan Laddo 2.Healthy Special Laddoo 3.Kesari Recipe 4.Wheat Laddoo 5.Ari Unda/Rice Balls

Sweet Rice Balls

These are a healthy snack/Laddoo using brown rice and  Jaggery.   This is a tasty and healthy evening snack from the ancient recipe collections of south Indian state Kerala. Ari Unda/Rice balls Wishing all Indians a very HAP PY DIWALI. ..! It's again a festive season in our country INDIA.Diwali is the festival of lights.Every Indian around the world,celebrate this day,by  decorating their houses with lamps/diyas. Special sweets are also made on this auspicious day.  This recipe is simple ,hardly takes 10-15  minutes to prepare. Ingredients for Brown rice balls/Laddoos Par Boiled rice-2 cups Jaggery-1/2 cups grated Coconut grated-3/4 cup Cardamom powder-1 tsp Method Of Preparation Dry roast the rice until it crackles and turns golden completely.Refer the picture below for the exact texture. Once you get the rice roasted,grind it well in a blender/grinder. Once the rice is powdered well add coconut,jaggery and cardamom and blend again well. Make balls/ laddos usi

Pepper Gobi

Pepper Gobi is a grilled fry made from cauliflower in pepper and soy sauce. Very delicious and healthy.Cauliflower has got great nutritional value as it contains high amount of folate, vitamin C and dietary fiber.  Ingredients Cauliflower florets-Big pieces Garlic chopped-2-3 cloves Ginger-garlic paste-2tsp Onion-1 big no Corn flower-2 tbsp Pepper-1 tbsp Soy sauce-1 -2 tsp Salt-to taste Parsley leaves- Method Of Preparation 1 .Clean the florets under running water.Then dip them for 6-8 minutes in boiling water after adding salt and 1/2 tsp vinegar to the water.Drain. 2. Marinate with ginger garlic paste,salt,pepper,soy sauce and cornflower  with out adding water. 3. Grill it on a grill pan after adding very little oil. When it's almost done,add onion and garlic chopped ;more pepper and soy sauce if you prefer. ENJOY healthy pepper Gobi with   Fried rice.

Spicy Chicken Curry

How about some spicy Chicken Curry  with Ghee rice? Fall has given way to winter.It's early winter this year.Pleasant climate almost all over the world...though there is worry and concern for the natural traumatic events in many parts of the world,life has to go on... Culinary world is one of those places where you are serene;here people are not prejudice in any ways nor there is thoughts of devastation... So for the next few minutes let's bask in some real cooking .. This time of the year is perfect for something spicy---This spicy Chicken curry is well known to many,but deepsrecipes is trying to simplify the method. Recipe for spicy chicken curry---Ingredients Chicken-200 g Onion-2 big Ginger garlic paste-1 tbsp Freshly powdered Garam masala-2tsp Coconut oil/cooking oil-2 tbsp Mint leaves-4-6 tbsp Coriander leaves-2tbsp Yoghurt-1 tbsp Meat Masala powder-1 tbsp Coriander powder-2 tbsp Chilly powder-1 tbsp(or less) Pepper powder- 1 tsp Green chilly

Crepe Recipe

Here  is a small variation from the usual Crepe  recipe.Crepes are really a quick and easy breakfast item. Here crepe batter has been enriched using whole meal   and wheat flour.Those who have bored of having brown bread every day can try this,tastes different from the usual pan cakes too.The authentic taste and aroma of sage gives this dish a completely different finish.Try this at home and please leave the comments. Ingredients Whole meal-1 cup (Instead make crumbs from brown bread and add to the wheat flour,as I have done.) Wheat flour -1 cup Dried Sage-1-2 tsp Salt-to taste Olive oil-Optional Water- Method Of Preparation Make a thin batter with all the ingredients except olive oil. Now heat a non stick pan and make small thin crepes.Drizzle olive oil over the crepes,if you prefer.Every one would love the aroma and taste that sage provides to the crepes. Serve hot. ENJOY with any side dish you prefer or with maple syrup .

Best Innovative person award-kids recipes event

A BIG Thank you to all my dear blogger friends who have shared their entries to the last month's event on deepsrecipes-- Frankly speaking all the 'kids recipes' that have been linked to my page were unique.But I have decided to give awards to 4 entries(In the beginning, I thought to choose only 2 entries for the award,then found 4 of them,so irresistible ),which I felt incredibly healthy and delicious . Cook's joy's Bruschetta ,Nivedhanam's almond cranberry bread and Ezcookbook's Green peas sundal are 3 different varieties of healthy kids recipes.Ami's halloween bento is  apt for the season. Congratulations. I would really like to share this award with all my blogger friends, who have been encouraging me by participating in my first event, but since I have to choose just 4, I'm passing this prestigious award to Cooksjoy Nivedhanams FoodsSrilanka Ezcookbook Others please don't feel bad since I was enjoying the very sight of all