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Tabouli Recipe

Tabouli is very healthy Arabic salad using Parsley leaves as main ingredient along with cracked wheat( burgol),olive oil,garlic ,mint leaves and other ingredients.Parsley leaves are rich in anti oxidants,vitamins and fibre.Medical science say that this magic herb helps in controlling blood cholesterol. Ingredients Parsley leaves -finely chopped 1-2 cups mint leaves-2 tbsp Garlic-1 clove crushed Olive oil- 1 tbsp Cracked wheat (burgol)-1/2 cup (Soak in warm water and it absorbs water and gets soft.No need to cook) Tomatoes-1-2 as per your taste Onion-1 chopped Cucumber,Lettuce - Olives-Black/green-chopped Lemon juice- Mix all vegetables with salt and lemon juice.Drizzle Olive oil and add burgol and toss well. Serve chilled. Try this and enjoy this awesome salad .Don't forget to send your comments! Decorate with Olives .

Italian Risotto (With Chicken and Asparagus)

Add caption Try out something different today! Here'z a suggestion. Exotic Italian main course  Item. Easy to make at home . I ngredients:-  Arborio rice - 200g Chicken stock- 2cups White Wine -    2 tabsp Shallots -        8 nos Garlic- 4 cloves Rosemary - a pinch Thyme -     a pinch Parmesan cheese - Bountiful Butter /Olive Oil   -1 tab sp.   Method :- Saute asparagus in butter(instead you can use Olive oil ) with shredded shallots .Sprinkle salt .Cook till asparagus turn tender. Cut chicken into small cubes , cook well after adding shredded garlic , salt and rosemary . Heat a pan  add 2 tbsp butter and lightly fry  minced shallots. No need to brown them. Now add rice .Lightly fry rice till crisp. That's the time for 2 tabsp white wine  . Take care to cook and absorb  the wine well to remove the smell of wine.  Add 1/2 cup chicken stock-cook the rice constantly stirring . When stock gets absorbed , add thyme .(You can use fresh T