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Chicken in butter and cream with Mushroom

Chicken in butter and cream with Mushroom bonjour ! Inspired by chef Julia Child’s cooking that had well celebrated in the movie “Julie & Julia” ,I decided to plan a French combo meal. (Being my favorite cuisine, I  have plans to buy Julia Child’s cook book “ Mastering the Art of French Cooking ”) You know,how good movies affect us positively. :-) So, as a result, here I am ,to share with you all, this recipe of ‘ Chicken in butter and cream. ’ I have followed the traditional recipe (courtesy: videojug) in all the ways, except for the measurements of ingredients.This recipe,I found is divine,with rich, creamy sauce with tender juicy boneless chicken.  Recipe demands a lot of butter and cream, so if you are trying this, you have to forget your diet rules for one day. Mushroom is really nutritious though some people are allergic to this fungus.   I recommend a special method of cleaning for Mushrooms. Wash mushrooms under running water, carefully,

Ruins Of Saint Paul's Cathedral,Macau.

History has got many strange stories.Macau old town is the Historical center of Macau with the unexceptional architecture of the Ruins Of Saint Paul's Cathedral.17th-century Portuguese cathedral-a perfect fusion of western and eastern cultures(church was caught fire for the third time when a violent typhoon hit Macau in 1835) Really quirky,right? Sharing some pictures...