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Lemon Cake

Yogurt Lemon Cake This is a very quick and easy recipe to make a very delicious Lemon Cake. Ingredients Yogurt -- 1 Cup (Plain or Lemon Flavored) Flour – 1 Cup Baking Powder- 1/2 tsp Sugar- 1 Cup Lemon zest –1-1/2 tbsp Vanilla Essence/Lemon Essence Egg – 1 Oil- ¼ Cup Salt – a pinch Method of Preparation 1. Beat 1 Egg with sugar till fluffy. Add in lemon zest, this will give a very delicious lemon flavor to the cake. 2. Add in yogurt, Vanilla essence, salt and oil. Beat well until very soft and smooth. 3. Sieve flour and baking powder into the mix and fold it with a spatula. Add some water if needed. If you want, you can add 1tbsp lemon extract, but I found the cake is getting very good lemon flavor even with out that. Bake and serve with/with out lemon glaze on top. This is very tasty even without any frosting/glaze. ( I have drizzled a bit of cocoa on the cake) This Cake is a very good accompaniment for Tea/Coffee.