Beef Pickle

Beef Pickle is a recipe popular among  traditional Christian families in Kerala.
Here I have not followed any particular recipe to make this pickle.Instead,this is a trial to get a spicy,tangy , pickled beef.
Beef -500g
Meat Masala-2tsp
Ginger garlic paste-1/2 tbsp
Chili powder-1tbsp
Curry leaves-
Ginger-a small piece chopped
Garlic pieces-2tbsp
Gingelly oil-1tbsp
Salt-to taste
Fenugreek seeds-1tsp
Mustard seeds-1tsp
Cumin seeds-1/2 tsp
Method Of Preparation
We need a masala to give the pickle its real taste.for this dry roast fenugreek seeds,mustard seeds and cumin seeds.Now powder them after adding Asafoetida powder.
Marinate beef chunks with ginger garlic paste,salt and meat masala.Now add 1/4 glass water and cook until well done.
Take a pan and shallow fry the cooked beef .
Add some curry leaves while frying.
In the same pan,add 1 tbsp gingelly oil.Fry garlic and ginger pieces.Add some curry leaves.Now add 1 tbsp chili powder.

Now add the masala that we have prepared in the step1 above.
Fry this for a minute.Add Vinegar and 1/4 glass hot water.
Add in the shallow fried beef and mix well.After 2-3 minutes oil separates  from the mix.

Delicious Beef pickle is ready to serve.


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Prawns Manchurian

Prawns chinese recipe,manchurian,fish recipes,sea food
Prawns Manchurian 
This colorful,lip smacking Prawns Manchurian is one of the special deepsrecipes own creations.
It was a trial and the dish came out great.Sea food is a favorite delicacy around the world.
Try this 'deepsrecipes' special recipe today and tell me how it is.
Big Prawns-500g Cleaned and de-veined.
deepsrecipes chili sauce-
Ginger-garlic paste-1 tbsp
Worcestershire sauce-1tbsp
Bell peppers-1no
Oil -
Spring Onion-1/2 cup
Corn flour-2tsp
Method of preparation
Marinate prawns with salt,ginger garlic paste and all purpose flour(2tsp) .

Preparation of a special chili sauce.
Heat 1 tbsp oil in a pan,fry dry red chilies and garlic chopped.Add 1 tbsp vinegar to this.Cool this mix and grind to a fine paste.
Red Chilies in Oil with Vinegar and garlic
This is better than any canned chili sauce for this particular recipe.
So here in this recipe we are using this chili sauce  to give the special flavor and taste.
Deep fry the marinated prawns .Take out from oil after 3-5 minutes.Don't over cook.Prawns have a very less cooking time and they get rubbery if we over cook.
Now in a non stick pan,heat 1 tbsp oil.Add in our special chili sauce .Add ginger garlic paste,onions and bell peppers.

Add spring onions.Saute well.Now mix deep fried prawns .Mix well with Worcestershire sauce and more chili sauce if needed.Close with a lid and cook it for a while.Now add in 2tsp corn flour dissolved in 1/4 cup water and cook well .
Garnish with spring onions.
Serve hot with any rice.I served it with Kidney bean fried rice,another deepsrecipes special! Will post the recipe soon here.


Punjabi Chole Recipe

Chole or Chana Masala
I got the typical Punjabi Chole recipe from SanjeevKapoor Khazana.Sharing this with you all.Punjabi vegetarian food is one of our favorite cuisines.Enjoy this mouth watering curry with butter-garlic nan or any bread of your choice.
Chole(white Chick pea or Garbanzo beans-1 cup soaked overnight)
ginger garlic paste -2tsp
Amchoor powder(Dry Mango powder)-1tsp
Onion big -2 no
Green chili-2 nos
Green Cardamom-2no,Cloves-2,cinnamon-1/2 inch piece.
Tomato paste-1/2 cup(Paste 2 big tomatoes in your blender)
Turmeric powder-1tsp
Red chili powder-1tbsp
Coriander powder-1tbsp
Cumin powder-1tsp
Method of preparation
In a pressure cooker,add 1 cup chickpeas,salt ,dry mango powder and 2 t-bags.
Add water.Water level should be  just above the chickpeas.
Cook until well done.
Discard the t-bags after cooking.This is to get a nice brown color to the peas.
In a sauce pan,add oil.Add the whole spices and ginger garlic paste.Saute well .Now add in chopped coriander leaves (1/4 cup).
Make a fine paste with Onion and green chili..Pour this in to the oil .
Mix all together .Add in tomato paste.Now add in the powders and salt.
Now add  1 tsp sugar and keep on medium flame until oil separates from the masala mix.

Now add the cooked chick peas with its stock.Check the salt and bring it to boil.When the gravy thickens remove from fire.
Heat 1tbsp clarified butter .Add in some ginger and green chili .Pour it over this delicious Chole masala.
Garnish with Coriander chopped or ginger julienne.

Serve hot with any bread of your choice.


Lemon Chicken

Home made Lemon chicken recipe
Grilled Lemon Chicken 
Lemon chicken is a classic American recipe.
This is a very healthy low carbohydrate diet.So those on weight loss programs can have this with out guilt.
Very simple and delicious.Serve it with a bowl of salad.
Chicken-500 g cut into big pieces
Freshly Crushed Pepper-1tbsp (or according to your taste.)
Olive oil-2 tbsp
Lemon juice-1/4 cup
Lemon zest- 1tsp
Parsley-2tbsp finely chopped
Garlic-2cloves finely chopped
Method of preparation
Rub the chicken pieces with freshly crushed pepper and salt.
You can bake this if you want.I did pan grilling.
Heat the grill pan.Pour 1 tbsp Olive oil and grill the chicken pieces until half done.

Now,mix 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice,1 tbsp olive oil,lemon zest,garlic chopped and finely chopped parsley .
Pour this mix on the chicken and grill it until done.

Lemon juice changes the color of the chicken to light brown .
Check whether the chicken is cooked.
"Oh,yes..Chicken is well done.."
Kids will enjoy this .Serve it with your favorite salad and bread of your choice.

Bon Appetite!


Chicken Majboos Recipe

Chicken Majboos Arabic
Arabic Chicken Majboos
Majboos is an Arabic rice dish with lamb or chicken.
In the traditional method,they boil water in a big pot and after adding all the spices and onion into the boiling water,they add full chicken.Once the chicken is done, take it out and rice is cooked in the same stock.
But I have changed that method a bit.
Here I am partially frying the chicken first and then cooking the rice and fried chicken together in the same pot.
All Arabic dishes are very healthy;Majboos is a very tasty rice dish like biriyani.You can serve it with raita or any other accompaniment of your choice.I serve it with Pomegranate raita.
Long grain Basmati rice-2 cups
Chicken-500 g
Dried Lemon-5 no (If its big sized lemon ,use 3 no)
Pepper powder-to taste
Olive oil- 1 tbsp
Whole spices-Cardamom (2),Cinnamon(1/2 inch),Cloves(2)
Bay leaves-2 no
Onion-2 big
Water-3 1/2 cups
Salt-to taste
Method of preparation
Marinate the chicken pieces with salt,pepper and cinnamon powder.
Fry partially in 1tbsp Olive oil.
Now in a big pot boil 3 1/2 cups of water.Add the whole spices,bay leaves,Onion chopped,salt,Pepper powder,Cumin powder 1tsp,extra cinnamon powder 1tsp and dried lemons.
You can get dry lemon from the grocery store.It looks like this-
After washing the dry lemons,make a hole on this to get the real flavor . 
Once the water starts boiling,add in chicken and rice .
Water level should be 1 inch above the rice.
Cook well .
Healthy delicious dinner/lunch is ready with in minutes!!!
Serve it in the traditional way-
For other Arabic recipes Click here.
Eat Healthy !

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