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There are zillions of methods and varieties of Lasagna.This is a simple basic method to make a superbly delicious lasagna with only Mozzarella cheese. Traditional Italian lasagna recipe uses another layer of cheese with ricotta and Parmesan.But I have replaced that layer too with Mozzarella cheese to cut off the calories.This was an experiment for me,but got the same taste as from the restaurants.
So here are the INGREDIENTS we need:-
Lasagna sheets-
Ground/minced beef-
Tomato puree-of 4-5 tomatoes
Garlic-2 cloves chopped
Onion-1 big chopped
Salt and Pepper
Quantities are according to the size of your baking dish.
Method of preparation
This is the basic recipe with minced beef.You can replace beef with vegetables of your choice.
Step1First make a meat sauce.
Take a pan,add some olive oil.Saute onion and garlic.
Add  minced beef,salt ,pepper and oregano.
Saute well and after 3-4 minutes,add in tomato puree ,mix well .
Close the pan with a lid and cook until done.
Meat sauce for lasagna is ready!
Same sauce can be used to make Spaghetti Bolognese.
Now the Step2
(You can buy these lasagna pasta sheets,we don't have to cook it before layering.But take care to keep the meat stock enough to drench the pasta to help it cook well.)
Take an oven proof dish.First make a layer of meat sauce.
Now the lasagna sheets layer.Then Mozzarella.Again repeat the layers .Finally give a thick layer of Mozzarella.Finally pour the stock over the whole mixture,this is for drenching the lasagna sheets well .This will help the pasta cook fast and easy.
Bake in preheated oven for 40 minutes at 200 degree.

Serve hot after cutting into squares.
This Lasagna uses the same bolognese (meat sauce) sauce as in Spaghetti bolognese recipe posted earlier.

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