Frozen Yogurt

homemade frozen yogurt

Today's recipe ,I am sure,will be a favorite to many.Very popular Frozen Yogurt.

We have Pink berry stores here in Middle east.We can bring the Pink berry flavors to our home kitchen.
Frozen yogurt manufacturers claim that this is a diet food compared to high fat ice cream.This is a topic of debate ,but when we make it at home we can stick to our diet by adding low fat yogurt and less sugar  .
Let me tell you this yogurt have that tart taste.I want to share 3 flavors -Rose Frozen yogurt is a unique one only in deepsrecipes-and trust me its Royal and delicious since it brings a Mughlai flavor.
But plain(vanilla) is the winner of all hearts.
Very easy to make ,but a bit patience is required if you want a very smooth, fluffy yogurt.This is because we are not using Ice cream maker for this.But still results are awesome and satisfactory.
Strongly recommend that you give it a try.I am so excited to share this simple recipe with you all,and would like to read your valuable comments.
Vanilla  Frozen Yogurt-in a fruit bowl

Special ROSE Frozen yogurt-(No where else-only on Deepsrecipes)

Vanilla with chocolate syrup on top
 So here is the ingredients
Thick yogurt(Hung curd)-3 cups
Vanilla essence-1-2 tsp
Sugar(Powdered)-1-11/2 cup
Method of preparation
Beat yogurt with powdered sugar and vanilla essence.
(Add blue berry crushed to the yogurt or any other fruit or flavor you wish.I added rose syrup to get this fragrant creamy rose frozen yogurt)
Freeze in a plastic tin with a lid for an hour.
After an hour,take the half set yogurt ,beat again in a blender (this step is to  remove the crystals and to make it silky smooth)and keep in the freezer for 2 hours or until it sets to ice cream texture.
(Check every 1 hour for the right texture and if necessary,you might blend this for a couple of times more .)



Amila said…
sounds so delicious & a new recipe for me...
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Vimitha Durai said…
SImple and perfect dessert...
Julie said…
Very interesting n simple!!

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Thanks for the lovely comment here Vimi..
Thanks a lot,Maha..U made my day..:-)
Sarah Naveen said…
That sounds yum!
Princy Vinoth said…
\i have to try this out soon!
Unknown said…
Nice Recipe.I had yogurt icecream @ pink berry store few months back. Wanted to try out since then.
You have really inspired me 2 make it. will try ur recipe & let u know the results.
Hello Humi..
Thanks a lot for your lovely comment.Therez Frozen yogurt with peanut butter also,another flavor if you like peanut tell me how you like it..Thanks again!

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