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The Lost Seeker:

Have anyone experienced a strange wonder after finishing a creative piece- poem/write up/artwork or even a new dish that came out perfectly well- that it doesn't belong to you, or has been done by someone else? An experience as if we got those ideas/ the creativity from a central source of knowledge.

If there is such a central knowledge source, can we connect to it often? Just like we log in to the internet? Wouldn't it be great if we could?

Sharing my thoughts on this:
To connect to this knowledge source, we should stay much focused, like in meditation. I feel 'this knowledge source' is like an invisible wave of energy around us to which only a sincere seeker can connect. Or it will be like a pond in which we all may be living like fishes, unaware of the ocean of knowledge in which we have been immersed in---caring only about the perishable illusions such as money, beauty and suchlike!
On thinking further:

A really focused mind (as when in meditation) is needed to get th…

Innocence is bliss!

 Incredible India! Photo courtesy: welcomenri

Today, you won't recognize the place. It has developed into a busy town.   But during 80's this place was happier, cooler and pleasant. Each plant ,weed or trees seemed happy with their own unique flowers 
and fruits. People were innocently happy. Festivals had a special charm as people 
open heartedly indulged in merrymaking.
                  How a child looses his/her innocence? I think when he is 
exposed to rough and complicated experiences.  My childhood was confined to my school, cousins and my friends 
at the neighborhood.  That Asoka tree with big branches at my neighborhood, I remember ,
always had flowers...... and why not? They say that Asoka blossoms 
at the touch of "Kanya" (virgin).  Sounds funny right? But it's an old belief better not to question it! 
It is an important tree in the cultural traditions of the Indian 
subcontinent and adjacent areas.)
Me and my 4 girl friends along with my little brother played under  thi…

Parenting in a connected world.

Today, technology is growing exponentially. Smart phones are ruling the world and technology is expected to be embedded everywhere. Parenting is lot more fun today provided you are smart enough to control this new-wave rather than yielding to the spell of it.         Being mother to an 11 year old boy, I have experienced the good and bad sides of technology. Here is some useful information for those parents who are anxious about this new trend.        I know that some of those with traditional views may disagree with this new influence of technology in children. But we have left no choice other than finding the best method to take advantage from this.
       1.Awareness is the key!                First of all, we, parents must educate ourselves on how to monitor or supervise your children’s activities online. This is simple if you have genuine interest to learn and understand new things rather than shunning away from it. ·Educate your child about the power of mankind especially his …

Happy New Year 2015 !

Wishing all my friends a very happy and prosperous New Year 2015 !
Thank you for reading my blog .