Vitamin C for weight Loss .

The effective way to reduce body weight is to regulate digestion i.e.; regulate metabolism and thus regulate sugar absorption to cut down those extra pounds.
Our tiny little lemon can help digestion; this is a well known fact. So what if you take a glass of warm water with fresh lemon juice as the first thing in the morning?Your body is getting a natural and healthy digestive aid.

Yes, studies prove that Vitamin C helps in absorption of Calcium thus leading to reduced fat absorption and increased fecal fat excretion.
 Lemon contains Citric acid,which boosts digestion and the best part is that it reduces the sugar absorption from the food you eat.

Great news,isn't it!!! So consume more Vitamin C rich food like lemon,kiwi,grapes,oranges...Studies prove that people who eats these fruits are less likely to gain weight.

 Lemon juice is most effective for skin and hair.
Over all,Lemon is a magical fruit.But are we giving significant importance to this fruit??

Now today's recipe.This is a curry using lemon as the main ingredient.

Lemon-2 nos
Green chilies-4-6 nos
Yogurt-1 tbsp
Coconut grated-2 tbsp
Mustard powder-2 tsp
Method of preparation
Wash and clean lemon.
Cut lemon into small pieces.Add salt and mix well.Keep aside.
Grind together coconut 2 tbsp,green chilies and mustard powder to a smooth paste.Mix this paste with yogurt and pour into the lemon mixture.
Heat 1 tsp oil in a pan.Splutter mustard seeds.Add dry red chilly and curry leaves to the oil .Pour this over the curry.
Very tasty,tangy curry is ready...Health benefits are boundless as we already discussed...




Very interesting curry..

This is an interesting recipe Didi.. Haven't ever come across this before..

wow, that is a very new recipe for me. I mean I have had lemon pickle but not a curry, so intriguing.

looks so appetizing..perfectly done..:)
Tasty Appetite

Thanks Priya...We make the same curry with Pineapple too..

Thats so sweet of you,Jay..Thanks,dear

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