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One pot meal recipe

vegetable Pulao with soya chunks,Indian pulao

This is an Indian Pulao with soya chunks.Really easy to make and with less oil too.For those who crave for biriyani,this one is for you: You can have this less oil pulao with out guilt.Replace rice with Pearl Barley for a healthier treat.
Mixing shallow fried soya chunks make this rich in protein. Soya chunks are so yummy,so,I prefer it as a side dish along with this the pulao rather than mixing it into the rice..

Here are the stuffs you need for making this wonderful dish.
1.Basmati rice/Pearl Barley-1cup
2.Mixed vegetables of your choice-(Potato,carrot,Beet root,beans,cauliflower,peas)-1cup
6.Coriander leaves,Mint leaves-
7.Fried Onion-(Optional.But it adds the flavor)-2 tbsp
(Croutons- 1/2 cups-optional)
8.Sugar-a pinch
9.Onion-1small chopped
10.Ginger garlic and green chillly paste-1-2 tsp
11.Salt ,pepper-
12.Soya chunks-1/2 cup
(Chilli garlic sause-1tbsp)
13.Biriyani Masala/Garam masala
14.Fried raisins and cashew nuts
Method of preparation
Soak rice for 10 minutes,wash and drain.
In a big non stick pot,add 1 tsp oil and saute ginger garlic and green chilly paste.Now add the rice and fry it for a minute.Add all the cut vegetables,salt and biriyani masala/garam masala.
Now add the leaves ,yoghurt,salt,pepper powder and sugar.Add 31/2 cups of water .Add some fried onion and croutons into this ,close the lid and cook the rice until done.
When  the rice along with all the vegetables is cooked together,add the 1 tsp ghee and some more fried onion along with leaves.

Soak soy chunks in water. Squeeze off the absorbed water and repeat the soaking process 2-3 times.
This is to remove the unpleasant smell from the soy chunks.
Now marinate dry (water should be squeezed off well from the chunks)soy with salt,pepper and chilly garlic sauce.
high fiber and protein soya chunks
Now in another pan ,shallow fry this using very little oil.
Shallow Fried soya
Mix this along with the rice or serve as a side dish.
Garnish with croutons,raisins and cashew nuts.
ENJOY with Raita/Yoghurt salad.


Prathima Rao said…
wow...cant stop drooling here & its close to my lunch time now..simply too tempting!!
Prathima Rao
Prats Corner
That's one yummy one pot meal u got there feeling hungry noe:)

Saraswathy Balakrishnan
Taste of Saras Kitchen

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