Potato salad with pineapple recipe

healthy Salad with pineapple and potatoes,crunchy salad with pea nuts

Potato-1 big boiled and cut into chunks
Fresh Pineapple pieces-4 tbsp
Cucumber-1 cut into small pieces
Salt and pepper-
Mayo-2 tbsp
Milk-2 tsp
Method Of preparation
Mix all the veggies and drizzle some salt and pepper.
Beat Mayonnaise and add in the veggies.
Add some milk to adjust the thickness if needed.
Serve topped with pea nuts ,to add the extra crunchiness.
Very healthy and elegant salad is ready in minutes.
Serve this in parties too .




I have linked your blog as told. Pls check and tell if it is okay and your salad looks delicious!!

looks delicious....actually I was looking for some easy & healthy recipes which I can prepare for Breakfast meal box...Now I am going to pin this ...
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Omg, wonderful looking salad.

Simple & heart salad..Love the crunch from the peanuts..
Prathima Rao
Prats Corner

I love potato salad. I bet the pineapples and peanuts gives a good bite to it.

this salad is so coloful and nice combo too...

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