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Butterscotch Cherry Cake (EGG LESS)


" Merry Christmas To All My Readers!!! "

This is the Christmas cake I baked for this Christmas...Hope you all enjoyed watching it.. :P
An extremely buttery cake as it contains lot of butter along with brown sugar,both dried and fresh Cherries,nuts and so on.

Now it's quite some time since I have baked something new.I find cooking interesting only to experiment new things.Otherwise,I must confess,day to day cooking is always boring for me,but I have to do it,since I try and stick to healthy diet.

If you believe me,I never plan a recipe. When I feel to bake,I randomly  shop some ingredients;which ever  I find interesting in the store.Then using them,how to make a new variety?This will be my next thought.
I rely on my intuition mostly..
A retrospective | 2013

The Year 2013 has reached it's end,soon it is going to be another chapter in our memories.
But,I feel that these dates and time are nothing of much important.What really matters are theMoments--How …

Thank you Google...

19-12-13 has created history in my life.The prestigiousGoogle Inc has issued my first payment !!!

So,Google has approved me as their official Ad Publisher.Really feeling good to be a small part of this humongous organization,Google. Thanking God and  all my readers who visit this page.I promise to strive for improvement.
Love you all, Deep Krishna.

Thiruvathira Festival (the remnant of a rich heritage)

18th Dec 2013,Today is Thiruvathira Festival  in Kerala for Hindus .Women celebrate this day with great joy and respect as it is the birth day of Lord Shiva.
The significance and grandeur of Thiruvathira,though mostly can be seen only in the days gone by. Even today,these rituals are  important  to those who wants to follow tradition.And it is our duty to pass these information to next generation;as these festivals promote unity,love and compassion.
On the day,women of Kerala worship Lord Shiva for marital bliss.Unmarried girls too indulge in all the rituals with prayers for getting an ideal husband like Lord Shiva.
Today, people can not keep faith in these stories,world has changed to an extend that we are not able to trust each other even !
This was a day of celebration exclusively  for women folk of Kerala. Today,women are independent and so may not really understand the importance of this festival.
But,I have heard stories from my mother ,how she in her childhood,along with other…

Dates Milkshake

Most creamy,most silky yet healthy Milkshake.
Dates is packed with iron and loaded with fiber.

Dates are most ancient of fruits.They are considered to be natural weight loss food. Dates Milkshake is an Arabic recipe.
Now,the good news for kids is that ,in this recipe I have added 1 tbsp Nutella.
So,any one can imagine how divine a milkshake it has turned out to be! All of you must try this.
What you need (for a healthy,kids favorite breakfast item)

Milk -2 cups
Dates- 8 nos chopped
Nutella- 1 tbsp (Optional)
Ice cubes- 4-5 (Optional)
How To Make...

Blend all ingredients with milk until smooth.Serve Chilled Topped with almonds .


Unniyappam recipe

Today I am going to share the secret of traditional Kerala Snack 'Unni Appam' or 'Karol Appam'. Unni appam resembles small pancakes.
You can find the recipe  anywhere on Internet and many might have  succeeded in making these delicious and healthy dumplings.

But this is my recipe;after desperately  trying to bring back the taste of Unni appam that my Grand Mother (we call her Ammamma) used to make for us,children.She didn't know how to show her love for us,but with the taste of her special snacks, her love was conveyed to us.

I am sure it is impossible to recreate the same taste,since that special "kaipunyam" ended with her demise.
(Kaipunyam is a Malayalam word which  means 'having gifted hands')

So let's  try to bring back that taste... nostalgic to many of you ,today..

Raw rice -2 cups
Banana-1 no
Plain Flour-2tbsp
Black sesame seeds-2tsp
Coconut pieces-2tbsp
Method of preparation
Soak rice for 5-6 hrs.
Melt Jaggery into …

Expo2020 Dubai

Dubai Won World Expo 2020

Falafel Recipe

Another simple recipe forweight loss ....
The word Falafel means fritters itself or sandwich filled with it. Falafel is common not only in Middle East,but also in Greece,Iraq,Egypt,Sudan,Yemen etc. You can make it very easily and can serve with Pita bread and Hummus, along with any vegetables.
This snack is made with Chick peas, so it’s really low in fat and high in Protein and fiber. Chick pea contains no Cholesterol. Key nutrients are Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Vitamin C, Thiamine, Pantothenic acid, Vitamin B and Folate.
Falafel is often recommended for use in weight control programs. Here ,I have given the full dinner/Breakfast combo recipe. For Hummus recipe,please click on the pic.

Ingredients Chick Pea or Garbanzo beans- 1 cup Onion-1 large Garlic- 1 clove Flour-2 tsp Cumin-1tsp Coriander-1tsp Salt Pepper-1/2 tsp Method of Preparation Soak Chick peas or Garbanzo beans overnight. Combine the  ingredients in a food processor. Make it a coarse pa…

Broccoli Salad

Apart from being a nutritional power house,Broccoli is a natural weight loss food.
Broccoli Facts: is a Cancer preventing foodAs small as 100 gram of this veggie can provide recommended dose of Vitamin C .It is said that Broccoli shortens the duration of common cold(Since Broccoli is rich in Vitamin C). Now,who said,there is no cure for cold!!Contains both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber.Making it Diabetic friendly.Selection of Broccoli

Select dark green  or even pale green.Never choose yellow.Greener the Broccoli,more beta-carotene it has.Stalk should be fat and woody.
Healthy Broccoli Salad Recipe

 What you need ?

1. Broccoli florets blanched-
2. Olive oil
3.Garlic- 1 clove
4.Sesame seeds- Optional
6.Salt & Pepper
7.Vinegar- 1-2 tsp
8. Honey- 1 tsp

How to Prepare?

Make a dressing with Olive oil,vinegar and honey.Whisk well.
Add in salt,pepper and crushed garlic.
Mix well for a minute.
Toss in broccoli and serve topped with almonds and sesame seeds .


Sweet Potato Chilli

Sweet Potatoes....!!
They are healthy,you all know that. But they help in weight loss too..Yes.

1.Replace white rice with sweet potatoes to get the real benefits of carbohydrates.
2. Add one sweet potato to your breakfast and see the benefits.
3. Sweet potatoes contain high fiber .It has low glycemic index ,so a good carbohydrate choice for diabetics.
Sweet Potatoes are really tasty even steamed or boiled.But to make it more interesting,especially,if you have a crave for french fries,you can bake them just sprinkling olive oil,salt & pepper.
Another healthy alternative is "Sweet Potato Chilli" here is the recipe:-

This tastes great and even can be served as a healthy party item.


1.Sweet Potatoes Boiled (half cooked) - It is easy to peel off the skin when half cooked.
2. Red Chilli Powder- 2 tsp
4.Bell pepper-
5.Onion-1 no
6. All purpose Flour-1 tbsp
7.Oil- 1 tbsp

How to cook ?

Cut half cooked sweet potatoes into wedges .Coat the wedges with all the dry …

Chicken Biriyani

'Thalassery Biriyani' is said to be the best biriyani in the world.Malabar cuisine itself is so delectable. Biriyani is my favorite and after tasting all those varieties from different regions,here I have tried to renovate the best flavor of them all.This is my own  recipe with very very less oil.  We can even make no oil  biriyani,but we have to compromise on the taste.So here the trial is without compromising on the taste how to recreate a healthy and simplified version of Biriyani. Please give your valuable comments and suggestions here . Ingredients rice- 2 cups(Basmati Rice/Khaima rice/if not available,use any long grain rice) Chicken -8 pieces Onion-4-6 nos Ginger garlic paste-2 tbsp Green chilly paste-1 tbsp Fried cashew nuts and raisins-your choice Pineapple-1/2 cups Ghee-1 tbsp Oil-2 tbsp Milk-1 cup Coriander and Mint leaves-chopped -bountiful Mixed spice-freshly ground Cardamom,cloves,cinnamon,fennel seeds and black cardamom -2 tbsp Salt-to taste Yogurt-2 tbsp Fried …

Brown basmati rice pilaf

Prepare the perfect Kids Meal for his/her lunch box. A meal packed with nutrition ,yet your kid enjoy? Challenging for any mom,right?
Here is such a recipe ,I guarantee your kid gonna gobble it up with out any complaints.
Brown Basmati Rice has a wonderful nutty taste. This is the healthy grain with low fat content and gluten-free too.
Basmati rice has low glycemic index which means energy is released slower, making it  diabetic friendly.
Brown rice has more complex carbohydrates which  powers up the body,especially suitable for young children.

What You Need for this Pilaf?1. Good Quality Brown Basmati Rice - 2 cups
2. Your kids choice of vegetables - Chest nut Mushrooms,Cabbage,Carrot,Beans,Baby Corn,Asparagus and you name it.
But one secret idea I want to share to all those moms out there is that,you can add cabbage(violet cabbage) and it will get disguised in the pilaf that your picky eater would not even notice.
3. Butter/Olive Oil- 1 tbsp
4. Garlic - 2 cloves
5.Onion - 1 large
6. Veget…

Banana Chocolate Muffins

Banana Muffins are very popular recipe.But here,we are trying a variation to the recipe,making it healthier and egg less too.

Banana Muffins are muffin version of banana bread.Muffins ,as you all know,are  a quick bread of American Origin.
Here ,I have mixed all purpose flour with some whole wheat flour ,to make it healthier.

Banana muffins can be a great after school snack or a good breakfast item for kids.These are healthy as it contains eggs,butter,banana & wheat flour.

What We Need to make Banana Chocolate Muffins:

Preheat the oven to 180 degree Celsius.

Dry Ingredients

All purpose flour - 150 g
Whole wheat flour (whole meal/flax seed powder)- 100 g
Sugar- 4 tbsp
Baking Powder- 1 tsp
Baking soda- 1/4 tsp
Salt- 1/4 tsp
chopped nuts- 100 g
Mix all dry ingredients with a wire whisk.

Wet Ingredients

These are Eggless Muffins ,so,I used ,2 tbsp Condensed Milk instead.
Vanilla essence- 1 tsp
Banana- 1 big
Butter - 100 g
Chocolate melted- 2 tbsp
Whisk all wet ingredients in a separate b…

Pepper Chicken

For all those chicken lovers out there, today I present before you, Pepper Chicken! It’s my own creation, if you insist, I can say, its an Indo-Chinese cuisine. One thing I can guaranty is the taste. So let’s begin. Ingredients Boneless skinless chicken- 250 g cut into cubes. Onion    -1 big Garlic   - 2 cloves Bell pepper-1 medium sized Soy sauce - 2 tsp Pepper - according to taste Coconut milk powder-1 tbsp Sugar - 1/2 tsp Curry leaves Salt Canola oil /vegetable oil - 3 tsp Method Of Preparation Heat a wok and add 2 tsp oil. Add chopped garlic and curry leaves. To this add chicken cubes and sauté for 2 minutes. Add salt and onion  cubes .Close with a lid for 2 minutes. Add 2 tsp black pepper. Now add bell pepper and cook for 5-7 minutes. When the chicken is cooked well, add soy sauce and simmer. When the chicken is fairly dry, add 1/2 tsp of sugar and more pepper. Now the tricky part. Add some dry coconut milk powder to this and mix well. This is to enhance the taste. Garnish and serve with Noodle…

No-bake Cheesecake

Cheesecake has two or more layers. The main, thickest layer is soft, creamy cheese, sometimes contains eggs,and sugar; the bottom layer is often a crust or base made from crushed cookies, graham crackers, pastry, or sponge cake.Cheese cake may be baked or unbaked. We can use fresh fruits,fruits sauce or syrup as topping.

This recipe contains no-egg. We need spring form pan for this,but you can also use disposable tray if you wish to.
Egg less,no-bake cheese cake .IngredientsDigestive Biscuits/graham crackers- You can even use Marie Biscuits if you like the taste. Butter- 150 g Cream cheese- 200 g Thick Fresh cream- 150 g Vanilla essence- 1 tsp Sugar- 1 cup Topping Fresh fruits,berries;Here I have used red raspberry fruit spread. Method Of preparation Crush biscuits /crackers and mix well with butter.This is the base/crust for our cake.So press it well into the mold or  disposable tray. Cover this with plastic wrap and keep refrigerated for 15 minutes.Meanwhile we can make the filling. Beat/whisk …

Very Happy Diwali To All My Friends Who visit this blog


Mushroom Masala

(For mushroom pepper fry recipe -click here  )

How to Clean Mushroom
Cleaning mushroom in proper method is the most important part. Coat the mushrooms with some salt, turmeric and all purpose flour. Keep aside for 5 minutes. Now wash them under running water.  This is to remove any poisonous substances from it. Now boil 1 cup water, add salt and turmeric powder. Put the cleaned mushrooms in this water for 2 minutes. Now mushrooms are ready to cook.
Ingredients for Mushroom Masala

Mushroom cleaned as above- 250 g
Shallots - 5-6 nos
Red Chilly Powder- 1 1/2 tabsp
Oil- 1 tbsp
salt- to taste
Bell pepper- 1 medium

Method of preparation
This is a very simple method ever ,but,must tell you, the most delicious I have ever tried.
Please try this recipe at home and leave comments about how you like it.
This is a recipe is adapted from regional cooking in KERALA.

Make a paste of all the ingredients (Shallots,red chilly and salt)
Mix mushrooms in this marinade.Keep aside for 10 minutes.
In a pan,po…

Mint Paneer Tikka

Paneer or Cottage Cheese is a fresh cheese common in South Asian Cuisine.Mint Paneer tikka is so delicious and healthy.Traditionally,Tikkas are grilled in a tandoor and the dish is thereafter served hot. Here,to make Paneer tikka,I used Table top Grill,which gives almost same texture to the tikka as it is made in tandoor.We can even use grilling pan,on stove top. Ingredients
Paneer- 200 g Ginger Garlic Paste-1-2 tsp Carom seeds(ajwain)-1 tsp Mint leaves -a handful Kasuri Methi( Dried Fenugreek Leaves)- 1 -2 tsp  Bell peppers,Onion Rings- Salt- to taste Yogurt-1/2 cup Red chilly powder- 2-3 tsp Chaat Masala(I used,Sindhi Biriyani Masala,it was what available at home :-) gives the same restaurant paneer tikka taste). Method Of Preparation For Marinade Make a paste with all the ingredients except paneer. Cut Paneer into thick square/rectangle pieces . Apply the marinade and keep this refrigerated for at least 1/2 an hour.
Grill and serve hot. We can also serve this as a starter/appetizer.

Simple Lunch recipe-Phulka with Vegetable curry

Simple phulka with vegetable curry.What's new in it? Yes,I know. But,today's curry is a little bit different from the usual veg curry. It's thick with a variety of vegetables and packed with nutrition.We are serving this with Phulka and kheer/payasam as dessert. Recipe for Phulka (Indian Flat Bread) is available in the following link.
Trust me,this combination when served hot, is really mind blowing and this is definitely  my son's favorite lunch.
Since phulka recipe is already there,let's check what's the little twist in veg curry.
Ingredients for Veg.Curry Violet cabbage- 1/2 piece Onion-1 medium Carrot-1-2 nos Bell pepper- 1 big Green Peas (Mattar)- 1/2 cup Thick Coconut milk- 4 tbsp Red chilly powder - 1/2 tsp Garam Masala powder with coriander powder- 2 tsp
Mint leaves- salt- Turmeric powder-  Method Of Preparation Chop all vegetables-Cut carrot in to cubes. Now Stir fry everything in Olive oil. Close the lid a…

Mango Pudding

Today is 15th August 2013.67th Independence day for the countries INDIA & Pakistan.

Deepsrecipes wishes all , a very Happy Independence Day 2013:
Celebrate this great day with a simple dessert ,CHINA GRASS MANGO PUDDING.
Wishing you all an independent, peaceful & better days ahead.
Milk-4 cups
China grass (AGAR AGAR)- 1 cup (10 gms)
Mango - 2 nos
Cream - 2 tbsp
Sugar- 1 cup
 Vanilla Essence- 1 tsp
Biscuit crumbs- 1-2 cups

Method Of Preparation
Boil Milk .Cut china grass into very small pieces using scissors. Add these pieces into the milk and boil until china grass melts.
Stir the boiled milk well so that china grass dissolves completely. Sieve this mix to remove any undissolved china grass.
After cooling the milk,add vanilla essence and cream.
Blend/whisk this mix well until frothy.

Arrange biscuit crumbs as the first layer in the pudding dish.

Now arrange mango slices and strawberries(if you like).

Now pour in the whole milk mixture .

Finally Arrange Mango slices…