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Utterly delicious Asparagus in butter and garlic sauce

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Pralines 'N Cream (easy butterscotch icecream)

Ingredients Fresh cream - 2 cups Sugar - as per taste Butter - 1 tablesp Almonds and Pecan nuts- Method of preparation: Step 1 Beat fresh cream with sugar until smooth and fluffy. Step 2 Praline Recipe: Put 4 tbsp sugar on a dry pan. Let it melt completely and add 1 tbsp of butter. Mix well and switch off the flame. Add crushed nuts and keep stirring until brown. Immediately transfer the mix to a butter paper and let it cool. You will get the praline as shown in the picture below Crush it well and add it to the cream Add crushed praline into the cream and freeze for 5 hours.(You may blend it once again to get a uniform consistency) You get delicious, Baskin Robins sty;e Praline 'N Cream at home! ENJOY.

Special Dates Milkshake

Here is the secret to a creamy, silky yet healthy Milkshake! Dates, known to be the most ancient fruit, are jam-packed with iron and loaded with fiber.  They are considered to be natural weight-loss food.  Dates Milkshake is an Arabic recipe. Now, the good news for kids is that, in this recipe, I have added 1 tbsp Nutella . So, you can imagine how divine a milkshake it has turned out to be! All of you must try this. Ingredients for a healthy, kids favorite breakfast item: Milk -2 cups Dates- 8 nos chopped Nutella- 1 tbsp (Optional) Almonds- Ice cubes- 4-5 (Optional) Preparation: Blend all ingredients with milk until smooth. Serve Chilled Topped with almonds.


She was the center of her universe,  the princess of her kingdom,  butterfly of her garden,  star in her sky,  she fluttered her colorful wings  And one moment  she opened her eyes from the dream darkness she struggled to move forward,  frantically, to go back to her world  crossing the cold, darkness that was covering her. ~Deep Krishna        

Happy Women's Day!

Dear Readers, It's been a while since my last post. But now I'am back again with a friendly message to all the women who read this. Today on the occasion of International Women’s Day, let’s take a resolution to love ourselves first. When you are happy with yourself, you will feel happier about the world- and you will be able to treat others with more compassion and respect. All you have to do is to focus on your role in this world, not judging another woman because she’s just another character in the play written by the universe. Be it your maid, your best friend or colleague, treat her with respect and love. Understand that her dreams and frustrations could be same as yours. If nothing else, treat her in such a way to make her feel positive about herself. Never let her down even if she’s not acting according to your perception. This type of compassion is what we need in the world. Because if each one of us makes a small change in our thoughts, this, in

The Lost Seeker:

Have anyone experienced a strange wonder after finishing a creative piece- poem/write up/artwork or even a new dish that came out perfectly well- that it doesn't belong to you, or has been done by someone else? I mean, you feel strange as if we got those ideas/ the creativity from a central source of knowledge. If there is such a central knowledge source, can we connect to it often? Just like we log in to the internet? Wouldn't it be great if we could? Sharing my thoughts on this: To connect to this knowledge source, we should stay much focused, like in meditation. I feel 'this knowledge source' is like an invisible wave of energy around us to which only a sincere seeker can connect. Or it will be like a pond in which we all maybe living like fishes, unaware of the ocean of knowledge in which we have been immersed -caring only about the perishable illusions such as money, beauty and suchlike! On thinking further: A focused mind can achieve this connecti

Parenting in a connected world.

                     Today, technology is growing exponentially. Smart phones are ruling the world and technology is expected to be embedded everywhere. Parenting is lot more fun today provided you are smart enough to control this new-wave rather than yielding to the spell of it.         Being mother to an 11 year old boy, I have experienced the good and bad sides of technology. Here is some useful information for those parents who are anxious about this new trend.        I know that some of those with traditional views may disagree with this new influence of technology in children. But we have left no choice other than finding the best method to take advantage from this.        1.      Awareness is the key!                First of all, we, parents must educate ourselves on how to monitor or supervise your children’s activities online. This is simple if you have genuine interest to learn and unde