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Special Dates Milkshake

Here is the secret to a creamy, silky yet healthy Milkshake! Dates, known to be the most ancient fruit, are jam-packed with iron and loaded with fiber.  They are considered to be natural weight-loss food.  Dates Milkshake is an Arabic recipe. Now, the good news for kids is that, in this recipe, I have added 1 tbsp Nutella . So, you can imagine how divine a milkshake it has turned out to be! All of you must try this. Ingredients for a healthy, kids favorite breakfast item: Milk -2 cups Dates- 8 nos chopped Nutella- 1 tbsp (Optional) Almonds- Ice cubes- 4-5 (Optional) Preparation: Blend all ingredients with milk until smooth. Serve Chilled Topped with almonds.


She was the center of her universe,  the princess of her kingdom,  butterfly of her garden,  star in her sky,  she fluttered her colorful wings  And one moment  she opened her eyes from the dream darkness she struggled to move forward,  frantically, to go back to her world  crossing the cold, darkness that was covering her. ~Deep Krishna