Good bye 2014 !

31st Dec 2014 : 

So it's time to say #Goodbye2014 !
I thank each one who took time to read my monologues, recipes and stuff...

This year was truly a roller coaster ride for me. I had set off on a particular journey back in 2007 and this year I can say that I am in the right path. It has been 7 years of struggle to find myself , my true aspirations and dreams. Some strong impacts from some unexpected sources came as some miracle, helping me out in this process. I bless them all who came as angels when in pain and uncertainty .
But life is really quirky with its own rules and plans ,so I am here to take up anything life has got in store for me.

I got a bundle of new friends and colleagues,  and lost a few . But I believe, that those who truly love me will stay there unshaken .
I got up today morning to find myself in a mood to write a poem.. yes, those who wanna run away can do it now before I start . It goes like this --------( Needless to tell u all that I am not a poet and I humbly seek my apologies to all real poets)

 An Ode to 2014

" Dear 2014, I never invited you but still you came ,
I wanted you to stay forever but you are leaving ,
painting a few graffitis on the wall of my heart
But let me ask you ?
You really came or I was just hallucinating ?
cuz, who named you 2014?
The unworthy human in his strenuous acts to acquire 
own will , money and power ,
named things as per his convenience ."

Deep Krishna


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