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Pink Lemonade

Aloha. It's been quite a long time since I submitted a new recipe here. I do take photographs of the food I cook for my family; but to sit and compose a blog needs patience and lot of free time.When your mind is into some other job,you can never be successful in this task. I do  enjoy blogging ;that's why I started this off. But since I started a full time job ,I could never find time to enjoy solitude.I cherish my lonely moments with classic movies,books or some random thoughts. Introspection enriches us;I have experienced.Each one of us must find time for ourselves when we can sit peacefully with out any external influence. So,let's get in to it- Today's recipe is "PINK LEMONADE' ; a very simple summer refreshing drink ,but with a special pink color. I got this idea from a 2011 movie. Ingredients Lemon juice-1/2 cup Crane berry juice- 1 cup (Instead,You can use 1 tsp strawberry syrup mixed with  1 cup of cold water) Sugar- 4-5 Tbsp Ice cub