Triple Chocolate Pudding

Triple Chocolate Pudding

This is again an innovated recipe.
This is a very simple but very delicious Pudding for kid’s .As the name suggests, there are three kinds of chocolate flavor in this recipe.
1. Chocolate Biscuits- 8-10 (as per the size of the pudding dish)
2. Dark Cooking chocolate –
3. Melted Chocolate – 4 tbsp
4. Cream- 150g
5. Sugar – ½ cup
6. Vanilla essence- 1tsp
Method of preparation
It’s so simple. Beat cream with sugar until fluffy. Add in vanilla essence.
Arrange chocolate biscuits in a pudding dish; slowly pour ½ of the cream mix on top of the biscuits without disturbing them.
Now pour in a layer of melted chocolate.
Again very slowly, pour in the remaining cream mix .Now cover the pudding with grated chocolate.
Freeze for ½ an hour.
Delicious triple chocolate pudding is ready to serve.



Pudding makes me drooling....simple to make also.

Mouthwatering Dessert Dear.Deliciously presented.Yum yum.Luv it.

Yummilicious pudding,Deep!!love to have a bite..

first time here..chocolate pudding looks delicious...glad to follow you..

Thanks a lot,Guys..
Waw..thats so sweet of you,Amina..

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