Triple Chocolate Pudding

Triple Chocolate Pudding

This is again an innovated recipe.
This is a very simple but very delicious Pudding for kid’s .As the name suggests, there are three kinds of chocolate flavor in this recipe.
1. Chocolate Biscuits- 8-10 (as per the size of the pudding dish)
2. Dark Cooking chocolate –
3. Melted Chocolate – 4 tbsp
4. Cream- 150g
5. Sugar – ½ cup
6. Vanilla essence- 1tsp
Method of preparation
It’s so simple. Beat cream with sugar until fluffy. Add in vanilla essence.
Arrange chocolate biscuits in a pudding dish; slowly pour ½ of the cream mix on top of the biscuits without disturbing them.
Now pour in a layer of melted chocolate.
Again very slowly, pour in the remaining cream mix .Now cover the pudding with grated chocolate.
Freeze for ½ an hour.
Delicious triple chocolate pudding is ready to serve.


layaa said…
Pudding makes me drooling....simple to make also.
deepsrecipes said…
Thank you ,Layaa..
Mouthwatering Dessert Dear.Deliciously presented.Yum yum.Luv it.
julie said…
Yummilicious pudding,Deep!!love to have a bite..
deepsrecipes said…
Thanks dear Julie..
deepsrecipes said…
Thanks a lot,Christy..
Amina Khaleel said…
first time here..chocolate pudding looks delicious...glad to follow you..
deepsrecipes said…
Thanks a lot,Guys..
Waw..thats so sweet of you,Amina..

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