Falooda (Chilled drink-dessert)

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Indian chilled Dessert Falooda

Want to try something exotic,slightly different from the usual desserts?Here's a choice.
Falooda is a cold dessert ,a deliciously soothing drink popular in all parts of India,especially Mumbai and its surrounding cities.
This is a summer drink  in Pakistan,Iran and other Asian countries.Falooda is originally from Persia,brought to India during Mughal period.
Falooda is similar to Thai Basil seed drink , Nam manglak.
Let's see how to make this royal dessert.
Milk            - 1cup
Icecream of your choice - 1scoop (for 1 glass of Falooda)
Basil seeds - 2 tsp
Rose syrup-2 tsp
Strawberry Jelly - 2 -3 spoons
Vermicelli - 2 tsp
Method of preparation
Boil some water and cook vermicelli until its tender.(Just like you would cook pasta)
Strain and keep aside to cool.
Boil milk and simmer it to get thickened a little .Add sugar and Pistachio, then chill it .
Soak Basil seeds in water for 5 minutes.Drain and keep aside.
Finally assemble the Falooda.
Take a tall glass. First, pour 1 tsp rose syrup.Then add vermicelli,Basil seeds,Strawberry Jelly and then milk .Add a scoop of ice cream on top and pour some more  rose syrup .Garnish with Pistachio.
Yummy, delicious drink ready !!



oh yummy!!One of my favourites,but I havent made at home..Thanks for the recipe,now I want to find where I can buy rose syrup...

I think,rose syrup is easily available..
Thanks Amy.

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