Unniyappam recipe

Unniappam,Unni appam,Unniyappam

Today I am going to share the secret of traditional Kerala Snack 'Unni Appam' or 'Karol Appam'.

Unni appam resembles small pancakes.
You can find the recipe  anywhere on Internet and many might have  succeeded in making these delicious and healthy dumplings.

But this is my recipe;after desperately  trying to bring back the taste of Unni appam that my Grand Mother (we call her Ammamma) used to make for us,children.She didn't know how to show her love for us,but with the taste of her special snacks, her love was conveyed to us.

I am sure it is impossible to recreate the same taste,since that special "kaipunyam" ended with her demise.
(Kaipunyam is a Malayalam word which  means 'having gifted hands')

So let's  try to bring back that taste... nostalgic to many of you ,today..

Raw rice -2 cups
Banana-1 no
Plain Flour-2tbsp
Black sesame seeds-2tsp
Coconut pieces-2tbsp
Method of preparation
Soak rice for 5-6 hrs.
Melt Jaggery into a thick liquid.
Grind together, rice and this liquid Jaggery (1tbsp at a time).When it's almost done ,add in banana and grind well.( need to add extra water,only if you feel that melted Jaggery is not enough)
Finally add in the flour and mix well to get a smooth batter of Idly batter consistency .
Heat ghee and fry coconut pieces and sesame seeds.And pour these along 
with the ghee to the batter.Mix well and keep aside for 4-5 hrs.
Now take a Karol (is the mould used to fry this snack) or you can even use Pancake griddle for this .
Pour oil into the holes and make fluffy tasty and more over, very  healthy Unni Appam.
Thanks for reading..!
Please try this and tell me how you find this simple yet healthy snack!


looks irresistable n full of nice texture..;)
Tasty Appetite
Reva said…
Wonderfully traditional sweet treat..:) I love it... my all time favourite..:)
Christy Gerald said…
Luks real yumm and mouthwatering in the click.Luv it.A Liebster Award is waiting for U at my space.Come and collect it pls.
Sarah Naveen said…
ayyo..ippo arennam venam!!! ugran! kothiyavunnu
Amina Creations said…
Delicious appam.... looks perfect... Thanks for linking to my event....
My first blog event: Guest Quest
Asha said…
Unniyppam is one of y favorites..my mom used to make it very often, but i never tried it myself...the pics just make it irresistible..must try it at home
Happy’s Cook said…
Perfect and YUMMY uNNIYAPPAM.......
Happy’s Cook said…
I am ur new follower... Will be glad if u follow me back...

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