How to make a perfect Poached Egg (Breakfast Recipe)

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Poached Egg
Looking for a very quick break fast recipe?
Poached eggs are a great option to start a day healthy.
Poached eggs are cooked by being simmered in   hot water and so contain all the nutrients of the egg
with out any added fat .
Making a perfect poached egg is a little tricky.But it's fun!
Boil water in a sauce pan.Add some salt to the water.
Crack an egg to a small bowl.
When salt water  starts boiling, reduce heat and stir the water anti clockwise and make a whirl pool.
Carefully drop the egg to the center of the whirlpool. Cover and simmer for 3-5 .
                                         poached egg center                                           Traditionally,egg yolk will be undisturbed inside,but I made it half cooked to suit my family's  taste.
Drizzle pepper powder and serve immediately.



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