Happy New Year vs. Bang Bang (HINDI MOVIE REVIEW)

Watched HNY yesterday also happen to read some of the very sadistic reviews from a few online reviewers about the movie. That is the reason I am taking time to write down my opinion of the movie.
I have noticed that 95% of movie-goers' opinions get influenced by the reviews from online influencers
I can tell you my honest opinion as I am not biased to anyone not even SRK.
India is different from any other country. We have colorful celebrations all throughout the year-so are the Bollywood movies. Most of the Hindi movies make no sense now days-
HNY is a Desi Diwali Bash for the people of India .

First important character in the movie HAPPY NEW YEAR, I would say is Atlantis the Palm Dubai Hotel & Resort. The majestic Atlantis is an eye candy which should be enjoyed only on the big screen. Kids would really love their favorite spots for example, Dolphin Bay in Atlantis and the New Year celebrations that happens here.
After the interval, I felt, people enjoyed more as I noticed the entire audience in  ‘Reel Cinemas’ (Dubai mall ) burst out laughing to the light humour.No critic can influence the hearty laugh from unbiased people in the movie hall .
SRK didn’t show any talent other than his 12 pack body-which too is of course a treat to people of India. :-)

The pun intended scenes in the first half, I found as a taunt referring to the inside movie scoops in Bollywood- especially SRK-Salman Khan fights and the petty Bollywood movie scripts-Match fixing trend in India etc. Many non Hindi speakers won’t digest the humor as these are region specific; Marathi girl’s sentiments ,Desi accents etc. Some lines are included just to satisfy SRK fans. As HNY  has a sensible plot for robbery-  is better than Hrithik Roshan’s “Bang Bang  “- which banged our brain with a pseudo Kohinoor Hira robbery story. (I have found the scripts of most of Hrithik Roshan  movies have a great influence of Antony Horowitz children’s books, guess Mr. Roshan will secretly agree to this, or is this only me?)

One should come to an opinion only after watching Happy New Year movie.  Don't fall prey to the fake reviews.
I am not saying that HNY is a CLASSIC but it is absolutely a 100% entertainer.

I give 6.5/10 for HNY and 5.5/10 for Bang Bang.