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(This is a conceptual story of a girl, "Nirbhaya", victim of gang rape.)

The clock struck 2.30 am. She tried to open her eyes.” Ahhh…Mom…” She wanted to call out. But she felt as if she had lost control over her body; she felt her throat was about to fall apart.
“Doctor….doctor…HELP! HELP!”--She heard her mother crying out.
”Oh, Mom...you are here? What’s the matter? - She wanted to open her lips to say these words, but couldn’t. So she decided to listen as it was all what she could do at the moment.
                        “I am sorry, I couldn’t rescue her.” She heard her doctor’s feeble voice. Suddenly a loud wail reverberated within the  ICU walls.
Now she could see her family. She felt tranquil and unusually peaceful. Her aching body had disappeared, instead she felt as if floating in the air...She enjoyed that state of tranquility, but the chaos in the room distracted her. Wait..!! who’s that girl, near my parents? It’s a dead body, around which her whole family was crying out … ..I am….Am I dead???

She came out of the hospital .The place was crowded. Reporters, protesters...
Oh, it’s my ma’am .She is also here?

“What kind of a girl was Nirbhaya?” – One reporter asked her teacher who was trying to stop her tears.
 “Nirbhaya was so intelligent with full of dreams and energy.”- Her words broke as a chilly gust of wind rushed by. The teacher wanted to say a whole story about her but she could only gaze at the journalist as if she had frozen in anguish.
Nirbhaya-A girl, who lived carefree, basking in all emotions that spur up in her...enjoyed each weed, plant or flower on the sides of the muddy pavement as she walked to school...talked to trees and they swayed back to her. She was dreamy, the smell of mud during rain made her ecstatic as she sat in her Veranda cherishing the dark sky...
As the change of Seasons, the color of her cheeks too changed...She knew no flaws and was with a golden heart...She had teachers unfashionable but honest and pure. She read about the Great Philosophers in awe. And today, she has become the breaking news for the media. .
Suddenly, she started sweeping away in the wind. She dissolved in the wind. Her presence empowered each molecule in it. 
Same wind might have entered into the lungs and body of each living being in this world. Didn’t you feel her presence????
What we have done for her? What steps have we taken for the protection of girls and women?
Hasn’t this become a common news, now-days?- about babies, girls, and even woman officials are being torn down for the lust of flesh??Who can escape from these morons?
But it is not far that this turbulent wind enters their lungs and nostrils, chocking them to death. Each one of us are culprits and answerable to Nirbhaya and many others.
Can’t you hear her, whimpering in the wind ----“WAKE UP…..DO SOMETHING……PLEASE ACT NOW”



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