India 2014

INDIA 2014-

We all believe that India has got a reformist with Mr.Narendra Modi (NaMo) who can fulfill India’s yearning for economic and social development for the last 67 years.
Not sure whether it is a sheer coincidence or NaMo has deliberately done all the strategic planning for Governance, based on Mahabharata(the ancient Indian Epic ); (only NaMo can answer this question)but upon deeper contemplation, we can see that what was written about this world, in the Great epic ,is now coming to be true and the creator for all that would be Narendra Modi. 

My indication is towards the fact that many "Prophets" claim: India would be the superpower by the end of Kaliyuga.

Let us compare the current Indian situation under the helm of NaMo and the  Mahabharata, below:

According To Mahabharata—Duties of an ideal king

(Source: Mahabharata, the Great Indian Epic: Economic and Political Ideas----Ratan Lal Basu, Copyright 2011 Ratan Lal Basu, Smashwords Edition)
  •      Protection of the subjects and ensuring their happiness is the first and foremost duty of the king.·
  •          The happiness of their subjects, observance of truth, and sincerity of behavior are the eternal  duty of kings
  •  Make peace with those foes with whom (according to the ordinance) peace should be made, and wage war with them with whom war should be waged.
  •  He should feed those that have not been fed, and inquire  after those that have been fed.
  •   Taking the wealth of those that are not righteous he should give it unto them that are righteous. ( NaMo’s  investment policy)

So I feel, such a governance depicted by Mahabharata,exactly reflects in the agenda for 100 day action plan by Indian Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi:-

The top 10 priorities for Modi, according to Times Now are
•              Build confidence in bureaucracy
•              Welcome innovative ideas & babus to be given freedom to work
•              Education, Health, Water. Energy & roads will be priority
•              Transparency in the government. E-auction to be promoted
•              System will be placed for inter ministerial issues
•              People oriented system to be in placed in government machinery
•              Addressing concerns relating to economy
•              Infrastructure and investment reforms
•              Implement policy in time bound manner
•              Stability and sustain ability in government policy
There are many more things we can be interpreted from Mahabharata, but we must wait and see the results and consequences of this change in India.
Yes, wait,minimum for a 100 days …let us wait not as mere spectators,but let's also be a part of the Government …….

Deep Krishna


Ratan Lal Basu said…
I think Modiji is the lone Indian politician since our independence who is close to the "Ideal Ruler" as defined in ancient Indian Texts.
See my article
“Human development part 2: Ancient kingship, modern politicians and the problem of corruption in India” in The Culture Mandala, Bond University, Australia
Dr. Ratan Lal Basu,,
M: 9830964383


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